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How can gravitons be the source of gravity?

Quantum mechanics suggests that a graviton is the source of gravity. A graviton, by definition, would be a massless particle that travels at the speed of light.
Now, a black hole has so much mass that anything within the event horizon that travels the speed of light or less is prevented from escaping. Since gravitons would come from the mass, the gravitons would be unable to escape the event horizon since they only go the speed of light.
So if gravitons where they source of gravity, black holes would have no gravitational effects near them because the gravitons wouldnt be able to escape the event horizon and therefore wouldnt be able to effect objects outside the event horizon.
So how can gravitons be the source of gravity?
edited to add: I did word it slightly wrong. The mass is, of course, the source of the gravity. However, gravitons are still limited to the speed of light. If they come from the source, and the source is within the event horizon, how can you feel gravitational effects outside the black hole?


  1. Good quesiton. I think you managed to find a flaw in gravitons. However gravitons are said to be multi-dimensional so they can leave our dimension without us knowing.
    Personally, I don’t like the idea of gravitons being the source of gravity. It seems like a pretty ridiculous notion and just another attempt at labeling and quantifying something just to make our world simplier and easier to calculate. We will know in a matter of a decade wether its gravitons are legit or not.
    Edited: Okay will i guess my understanding is a bit flawed.

  2. You haven’t got the concept quite right. Gravitons are not the “source” of gravity, any more than photons are the “source” of light. It is more accurate to say that gravitons are the medium through which gravitation interactions take place. (Exactly as photons: they are the medium through which electromagnetic interactions take place.)
    A black hole — or anything with mass — is a “source” of gravity. You may think of this as having the property of sucking in gravitons from surrounding mass-energy objects. The stronger the gravitational field (as in a black hole), the more gravitons it pulls in, and the stronger the attraction that an outside object feels.

  3. The physics trilogy describes the source of the graviton. The trilogy is: E = mc2, m = E/c2, and c2 = E/m, the last being that of a field of gravity. This field is a mass energy relationship – the energy in this instance being that of the heat energy contained within a mass. Were our planet to suddenly lose all of its heat energy, then our planet would have no gravitational field.
    There is a manner to prove this. There is a short writing at http://360.yahoo.com/noddarc entitled “An Experiment You Can Help With” that by use of three sets of spheres in outer space the energy value of heat in forming a field of gravity may be proven. Give it a shot.


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