How can God be conscious when consciousness is a part of the world and contains it at the same time?

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What I mean is, how can the nature of consciousness be reconciled with the supposed nature of God (that He is outside the material world)?
I define consciousness as “the appearance of a world”.
Or maybe God is the same as consciousness?
“being aware” means the same. When you are aware, a world appears to you.
Well, not being aware to “the world”, but to a world. It seems to me that is inherent to consciousness: it creates inwardness.

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Desire Ecstacy

Some things never didn’t exist.
Some things cannot be created, they just are.


“I define”….that may be part of your problem – the rest of the world defines it as being aware….
edit: disagree – you have awareness in states of subconsciousness as well – but they are not consciousness.
edit2: agree that awareness is inherent to consciousness – but if it is the only defining factor of consciousness then it would stand to reason that whatever one is aware of – when one became unaware of (or put it out of their conscious mind) would cease then to exist. you would be studying existentialism? maybe kierkegaard?

Shock Collar

Some might say that God is the sum of the universe. And the universe is continually striving toward full consciousness.
Read Hegel’s Phenomenology of the Spirit.

Bob Vila

If consciousness is only the perception of a material world, how do you know that a material world actually exists. If there is no actual material world, then it would be very easy for God,as well as you, to exist apart from your conscious perception.


I don’t know if you can limit consciousness like that, as only being aware of this world.
If I sit in my living room and look at my television set, it is real even when it is not turned on. All the channels I could get would be equally real in turn if I played them.
I am no less conscious of reality if I leave the TV turned off.
Say this world were only one channel on God’s TV set.

Paul Reinig

I completely agree. There is no “God” out there. In fact, there is no “out there” out there! The world is a holographic projection of my own personal consciousness. That is why I am God–not the human, but the real essence of me. And everyone else is also because they (we) are the same consciousness, creating our own perception of reality. This, in my opinion, is how consciousness (or what has traditionally been called “God”) expands–through projection our consciousness into a contrasting 3D illusory world and making choices to love when there’s no particular reason to–in fact, no desire to at all. This allows for the expansion of all that is. Thanks.


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