Home Discussion Forum How can find someone who can teach me about Feng Shui?

How can find someone who can teach me about Feng Shui?

I am interesting in Feng Shui very long time.
Who can be a good teacher for me?


  1. There are many Feng Shui schools available to those interested in studying the subject. I do not know where you are located, but the majority of the traditional schools of Feng Shui are based in Asia, such as Singapore and Malaysia.
    The following list are the more well know teachers, you can do a Internet search and go to their website:
    Yap Cheng Hai (Based in Malaysia)
    Peter Leung (Based in Toronto, Canada)
    Raymond Lo (Based in Hong Kong)
    Joseph Yu (Based in Toronto, Canada)
    Vincent Koh (Based in Singapore)
    Lillian Too (Based in Malaysia)
    Ken Lai (Based in the United States)
    It is important when you are looking to study Feng Shui that you understand the teachers background and experience. It is one thing to learn the theory, it is another to actually apply it. Some school of Feng Shui focus mainly on theory and not focus on the practical application, which doesn’t help you as a practitioner.
    In addition, keep in mind that these courses are not cheap. Most courses for a 3 day course cost $1,000 – $2,000 depending on the material cover. If you have to travel, you need to factor in the travel expense as well. However, if you are serious about studying Feng Shui, the costs are well worth it.
    If you are looking to make Feng Shui your career profession, then it is important you learn from an authentic school of Feng Shui. The names I listed above all teach authentic and true classic Feng Shui.
    Good luck.

  2. FENG SHUI is the ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment. The technique is believed to help improve the future and fortune of the people using it.
    I think Dr. Lui can teach the best Feng Shui technique to you.
    He has rich experience to teach many difference nationality guys.
    And fortunately he is living in UK now.
    Writer: Chak Hong Lui 呂澤康
    ISBN-10 988-98224-0-7
    ISBN-13 978-988-98224-0-8
    ISSUE DATE: 7/7/2006
    This book was published in Hong Kong.

  3. I’d start off by reading some of Lilllian Too’s books to give you the general idea. Once you’ve got the hang of the compass and colours you can build on the other stuff more easily.


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