How can do you sit in the adept yoga position?

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I want to sit in the adept yoga position for meditation, and though I’m getting better, considering I’ve been practising moderately for a month I’m still having difficulty, also my hips and thighs suffer excruciating pain, has anyone got any tips on how I can improve or loosen my hips/thighs.

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iranian princess (X muslim girl)

Try standing on your head


Good meditation is a mental practice and does not depend on your sitting position. Without any question whatsoever, you should sit in a comfortable position.


U have to practice all the positions to sit like that for a long time. It’ll take around 6 months to sit without any pain or uneasiness. There is no shortcut dear! When u sit in Padmasana or Sukhhasana your legs r crossed and blood circulation to that part is minimal, so as to be able to supply more blood to your brains.



Dances with Buddha

Agree with LillyB; essentially it’s just a matter of practice, and even then, it’s not a guarantee.
You can seek out suggested hip-opening poses in books and videos.
Here’s a sequence on youtube:
I’d recommend poses such as:
– Baddha Konasana (bound angle/cobbler’s pose) ;
– Upavistha Konasana (wide angle seated forward bend) ;
– The leg portion of Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (one legged King Pigeon) ;
– Hanumanasana (front-to-back splits) ;
And, as Lakely alluded to, despite the frequent recommendations to mediatate in poses such as Padmasana (Full Lotus) or Siddhasana (Accomplished/Adept pose) and other similar poses, ultimately, it is the mind that meditates, not the body.
Even a bed-ridden person unable to sit upright can meditate if they desire to.
However, with that said, there are definitely reasons why the above poses are so often recommended, along with other frequent suggested details such as sitting upright with an erect spine.
Best wishes.

Yoga Guru

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