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How can consciousness possibly exist without the mind functioning and energy running through the brain?

It impossible, its like trying to get the software to run when the hardware is smashed to pieces.
I’m aware that there are philosophical arguments to distinguish between actual though vs the brainwaves that run through the mind, however, I’m still convinced that our thoughts are dependent on a functional brain.
But, would the people that believe in afterlife please propose some explanation for how we can have consciousness after we die?


  1. Mind body dualism.
    Speculations that the mind is a separate non-local force. In this Idea you can think of the body as a radio and the signals it picks up can be equated with your personality. You can turn off the radio but all the radio waves are still out there. All though the personality / ego / the youness of you , would disappear as well.
    I don’t totally believe that but its the most coherent argument/explanation I am yet to hear for it.

  2. I doubt you’ll even hear anyone try. The usual position I hear is something to the effect of: “I just know”, or “I don’t know, but it’s still possible” At least don’t expect an evidence-based argument.
    Edit: Feathered Serpent – Descartesian dualism, that is an old idea.

  3. the laws of science say that energy can never be destroyed, only changed from one form to another. since memories and the like are just information stored in electrical patterns on the brain, one can argue that when we die, the energy that forms our consciousness simply goes on into the universe and retains some memory of what form it was previously in…however if you are referring to the traditional religious idea of an afterlife then it refers to the idea of the soul. that it is an intangible unexplainable gods given part of us that is directly connected in some spiritual way to the underworld/afterlife and influenced directly by a Deity….i’m an atheist by the way

  4. The mind and the brain are not the same thing. If our brain is fully responsible for our consciousness then you would be correct. If our mind is a synapse between our brain and body – our body the vdu on the computer our mind the computer and the programme then the problem ceases to exist.


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