How can Christians believe that Jesus was real?

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How can possibly a man walk on water and revive people from the dead like some kinda movie shaman (Unless he’s Criss Angel or David Blaine)? A door to door Christian guy came to my house yesterday and was badgering me until I asked him this and he got a bit stumped by it so I wanted to give you Christian folks a second chance on Yahoo Answers.

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☆Lulu Fannut☆

…strange how you wonder how they can believe in that, out of all other things.
I just find it funny, that’s all..


Because they take the Bible as history instead of looking at the real history where there is no evidence that such a man ever lived.


How? You ask? … With much faith !!!


they want jesus to be real so instead of thinking rationally they go with the easy route

Hunter Marshall

From a History point of view and not from a Christian point of view. History shows that Jesus was real. Jesus was a real person. He really did have followers, and he really did die on the cross. Jesus was real and that is fact. Wheather you believe he was who he says he was, is a different story.


Because God can make everything happens. Moses crosses the sea, Jesus walked on water.
U will be sure one day. Hope not in a time wont be worthy for u.

John 3:16

Not that long ago it was considered scientifically imposable for a heavier then air machine to fly [miracles don’t happen they said]
– And thanks for the second chance by the way!


I don’t think you want to give any second chances. I think you’re trying to make Christians look stupid.


ummm so, why ask a Christian if they believe He was real? that is a contradicting question cause if a christian dont believe he was real or is real, they wouldnt be a christan


As Christians, we believe Jesus to be one of the three persons in the one true God. He IS God. Since He is God (i.e. a supernatural being), He is omnipotent, which by philosophical definition is a being that is capable of bringing about all state-of-affairs in accordance with its essential nature. It is part of God’s essential nature not to be limited in any way by His creation. Therefore God, as Creator of the universe, is, in fact, not limited in any way by His creation, because if He was, He would, by definition, not be omnipotent. As Jesus is God, the reasoning follows that He cannot be limited by creation, and thus can walk on water and raise people from the dead.
A simpler response to your question would be that there were eye-witnesses in the time of Jesus: his disciples, who numbered in the thousands. I assure you, the Bible was not written in one night. It was carefully put together (to avoid any B.S.) only a few hundred years after the time of Jesus. And the holy Gospels are dated back to the first century A.D./C.E., so the Bible is a pretty reliable source of authority on this matter.
In addition, since Jesus made Himself out to be God (a pretty bold claim), He was either what He said He was, or He was not even a good man. If Jesus was not God, and was not capable of walking on water or raising people from the dead, He would have been nothing less than an evil liar who should have been paid no heed. But as I said above, there were eye-witnesses to His miracles, and the life He lived, as well as the death he suffered, serve as supreme witness to His claims.
In even simpler terms, just because something is impossible for you, does not mean it is impossible for God, who is omnipotent. And it is not at all unreasonable to believe in God, because without a principal cause which has no beginning, it is impossible to explain the origin of the universe; even the Big Bang Theory is full of many uncertainties.


very easily
He IS real. He is God in the flesh.
See Niebla and Terry’s answers
Who are YOU to be so arrogant as to presume to give us a 2nd chance? We don’t care what you think.


Your claim is about what’s attributed to Christ by the Bible and not necessarily about the historical Jesus. However, just as we can achieve things nowadays by technological means which would previously have been considered miraculous, such as changing base metals into gold and bringing people with no heartbeat or breath back to life, Jesus could do things because of his infinite knowledge and skill. It’s not a problem. Jesus effectively had infinitely advanced technology and scientific knowledge.


He IS real.
I don’t need a 2nd chance. I owe you ZILCH.
Your opinion is unimportant to me.
DUH, get a clue: CHRISTIANS believe in CHRIST.


Among professional historians today, people who argue that Jesus wasn’t real are considered to be quacks. It doesn’t matter that it’s highly implausible that he actually did many of the things that the Bible describes him as doing.
Jesus was a real person, he preached, and he got crucified for that. Serious people don’t deny that anymore.


By faith, and the power of God. Jesus was sent by God, and did what God told Him and showed Him. Christians are called and given the power to do the same things Jesus did, and even greater things. Read John 14:12. Romans 10:9-10 is the way of salvation.

B keeper

God as creator in and through Christ has no problem whatsoever in scientific or natural order of things.
Just as He created the laws of the uninverse to a certain pattern, so too He alone can invoke changes according to His will not ours..So I see absolutely no problem here except in understanding how we can be part of it


There is more evidence for Jesus and what he did, than there is for George Washington. But, of course you believe in him because George Washington didn’t try to change the World.
So, your reason for not believing is that he did things that you can’t make any sense out of? Do you have anything else you don’t understand that you do believe? I don’t understand nuclear physics, but I do see it work when I plug in my computer. Don’t worry, even the people who actually saw Jesus do these things didn’t all believe. There will always be Bible mockers, and you are just another one of those. It’s nothing new, people have been doing that since the book was written. Of course, nobody has ever shown it to be false, especially with weak arguments like yours.


We are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for?
Romans 8:24
We look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.
2 Cor 4:18


If a man, with eye witnesses, walked on water, calmed a storm, turned water into wine, raised the dead, cured the sick, etc. I would tend to believe in Him. Especially when God promised us a Messiah. What’s so hard to believe?


You don’t believe in Criss Angel , either??????


It’s easy
He is
Arrogant of you to assume we want you to give us any chance.
you are no one us
get over yourself
we don’t care what you think


Yeshua/Jesus, GOD, CAN NOT LIE.


The miracles of Christ are well documented and witnessed by many sometimes several hundred people. It is supported not just by biblical account but also by other texts not just Hebrew-Aramaic-Greek, or Judeo-Christian. It is not something that is in dispute.
The only thing that is in dispute by some people is whether he was the messiah and son of G-d, whether he was a prophet or just a man.
There is no doubting that Jesus existed and lived on this Earth and is the most influencial character ever in human history.
Don’t forget that it’s not just Christians who believe in the witnessed and documented miracles of Christ, Muslims also believe Jesus performed miracles. I’m not sure about Jewish people.


If someone has no concept of faith nor a personal understanding and spiritual depth & witness – TO attempt to explain what is unbelievable and unimaginable to you would be pointless and of little value. The Bible speaks of this as “casting pearl before swine” because faith & belief is as doing this with one of no faith or belief.
Some of us have never NOT believed , some have gained a personal witness of their faith through personal revelation and the Holy Spirit of God which testifies of all truth. Anyone can gain and receive such a witness if they first have a desire to obtain one and second they feast upon the words of Christ, pray and apply His words and teachings to their lives. Such a witness is received after exercising faith and leaving behind the natural man and becoming a new person in Christ – trying to become like Him.
For you to scoff at such things is rather rude & disrespectful really. It is a highly personal feeling and experience. Perhaps you have something that is of great personal value to you that is not of the worldly type – a partner, a spouse, a family, a child even…such things that we love so dearly are along the same lines as a believers personal faith. They are at the heart of all that we are, think, do and become. They are a driving force for good in our lives and I would hope, a thing that even though you do not understand personally, you can hopefully respect and tolerate! : ) PEACE!

Wayne T

Are you aware that when Paul became a Christian his life was in danger? Why would he make up something that would cause other people to want to kill him? Many first century Christians refused to recant when faced with torture or death. Jesus is very real.
I believe in a real God that can make impossible things happen; if you have a problem with that, it is not my problem.


Jesus was’nt just any ordinary man he was God in the flesh.
Sort of like this…but not exactly.


Just by faith. If God did indeed create the universe (including all the laws of physics) then it is a small matter for God to temporarily suspend those laws for the sake of demonstrating to people that he is real.
When any prophet seriously re-interpreted the laws or gave new laws there were always miracles involved. Moses Parted the red sea, Elijah multiplied food, Jesus walked on water. No big deal for an almighty God.
Belief in miracles is not difficult if you believe in God.
Now I’ll ask you a question.
How did the universe suddenly appear with no intelligent creative force behind it? We know from thermodynamics that a system left to its own devices will tend towards disorder not towards order. How do you explain that there is order in the universe?
How about this one? If gravity is an inexorable force (even if very weak it works over an infinite distance and slowly and steadily pulls everything towards it F=( Gm1m2)/r^2) how is it that the universe is not only expanding but that the rate of expansion is accelerating?
Just because someone can’t give you the answer doesn’t mean there isn’t an answer out there. Even if nobody knows the answer doesn’t mean there isn’t an answer waiting to be discovered, and being able to ask questions other people can’t answer doesn’t make your beliefs any more or less valid.


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