Home Discussion Forum How can Buddhism believe in reincarnation, but also be a non-theistic religion?

How can Buddhism believe in reincarnation, but also be a non-theistic religion?

how can Nirvana exist in Buddhism when it is supernatural. i do not see how supernatural concepts can exist like that


  1. Well….technically we are all reincarnated, in that our bodies decompose and become part of something else. Not another consciousness, so they are partly on about that. And it is supernatural, but there is no deity.

  2. God/deity aren’t the only supernatural concepts. For example, I’d not classify a goblin as a god unless it would be capable to properly exist eternally.

  3. Supernatural concepts can not be proven, they lie only within the imagination, therefor anything goes even if they don’t believe in a god. Many people want to live forever and there are many imaginary ways that could happen apparently.

  4. Heaven, Elysian Fields, Tir na Nog, Valhalla, Nirvana, Tuonela
    Lots of groups of people have a place the dead go to after life is over.
    Buddhism is a religion in the sense that it has scripture.
    Some sects of Buddhism are theistic, some are purely philosophical.
    Buddhism deals almost exclusively with the abstract.
    You should read the Tibetan Book of The Dead,.
    It would help you understand it.
    I believe Buddhism does acknowledge multiple dimensions, or realms of reality
    It is a Spiritual/faith path with specifically proscribed disciplines, and a goal of Nirvana and/or enlightenment(satori)
    The Story of Siddhartha is full of supernatural events from his birth to his death.

  5. In Buddhism, belief (in anything – incl. reincarnation) is not necessary. It distracts the mind.
    The point of Buddhism is to empty the mind and allow the heart to know. In line with the Biblical phrase, “Be still and know that I am God”.
    Some doctrinal basis may be useful to help prepare minds to be still. For instance, the peaceful concept behind reincarnation is that there will always be sufficient time to learn what is needed (another way to say this is that God is mercifuland patient).
    Knowing my success is assured, I can therefore let go of fear and anxiety. The truth behind the literal doctrine is what is pertinent. Not the actual words.
    The same is true of the belief in God. There is no need to be afraid of whether or not God exists. Jesus himself said that those who DO his will were his followers, rather than those who said “Lord, Lord”. We worship by being divine, not by praising it. (“BE ye therefore perfect…”). Both of these scriptures are found in Matthew, in the Sermon on the Mount.
    All hearts are capable of KNOWING all truth when the mind is still and well-prepared. It is better to withhold belief and disbelief, and just allow all things to enter the mind, to run around, and to exit, as they will, because the heart is all-knowing, but softly spoken. The heart will tell you (through great peace, love, etc) when a truth has been found (then you KNOW it – not believe it).
    It is hard to describe in words. You just have to let go of fear and practice it to really see what I mean. The truth is then self evident in the heart, needing no mental belief, as it is known in the heart, and then the mind also is aware and knows.

  6. Yet when we dream, we see them because a light shows them to us, where is this light coming from? That in itself is supernatural. It can be taken further, as in Visualization Meditation, whereas the object of meditation after enough faith has been accumulated and trained to stay focused on it(faith in the Buddhist sense, is a mind void of all doubt, yet it takes doubt to even understand what faith is, faith is not just believing, it is holding the image in sight without acknowledging you are doing it) and when you manifest fire in a dark room, and it illuminates everything you can also call that supernatural. The practice of the Tummo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tummo
    What man has forgotten is that we are the gods.


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