How can anyone say something is random especially in the light of Quantum mechanics?

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Particularly Quantum entanglement?

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Fallacy – argument from incredulity


ever heard of entropy?

La Nokta Besto

Randomness exists in quantum mechanics.


Most of the time when people are talking about “random” events, those things are well out of the QM scale – the deterministic macro-physics dominate.
Anyway – physicists aren’t sure if QM is truly random or not… there are underlying theories for both arguments but with current technology we can’t test them.

tai D

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Chaos theory.


I’m not smart enough to even understand the question. 🙂


In the PHYSICAL world there is no such thing as randomness. All events are rather very highly structured. For example, when they draw a lottery number, given all the forces at work, there is only one possible combination of winning numbers. It is not at all a random evernt — it is virtually ordered by nature!

Atheist Friend

How is this a question for religion and spirituality?


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Rob P
As any self-respecting physicist will tell you, especially one trained in quantum theorem, that the universe does not need obey the logic and understanding of humanity, and in most cases will utterly suprise you once you’ve made firm your beliefs.
How very random of mother nature.


Quantum entanglement I believe still contains elements of randomness occuring in its fundamental functions. The only thing is that random changes in one system or particle is linked such that it induces and affects changes in another. Hence they are entangled. Quantum physics is fundamentally random. Its the only theory within the fabric of modern physics that integrates randomness. This fact was very disturbing to physicists like Einstein who invented quantum physics. However, its intrinsic randomness has been confirmed over and over again by theoretical and experimental research conducted since.


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