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How can anyone avoid possession by a demon when it is foretold by a wicca in a vision? A succubus to be exact?


  1. It can’t be avoided because it doesn’t exist.
    Stop believing in spooky fairy tales and just live life.

  2. By learning a bit of mythology including the bits where Succubi do not possess, and that your Wiccan friend is full of shiat.
    And also that succubi do not exist.

  3. By not expecting or believing that demons exist in the first place…
    Only believers are bothered by such things…

  4. fail. Wiccans don’t believe in demons, so you’d never be told that one will possess you.
    demons=devil//there is no devil in Wicca. That’s a christian thing.

  5. Now isn’t that a nice thing to tell someone? It’s a suggestion. If someone suggested you should crow like a rooster, would you do it?
    You need to find some nicer friends…

  6. Any one who is Wiccan and and claims to have visions of a demonic possession is not a true Wicca. They are nothing but a fluff bunny wanna be who is not to be taken seriously. If they really knew something of Wicca they would not smear the craft by making such ridiculous claims.

  7. Don’t worry. A succubus wouldn’t enter your body like that. The only thing she’ll possess is your dignity when she owns you anally with a studded strap-on. Sounds like you’re in for a real treat.

  8. I’ve had sleep paralysis loads and it’s realllly creepy as well as being fun at the same time; I mean it’s a really interesting experience. And the ones where you feel like you’re whizzing around really fast; so fun! I’ve had sensations of being in an elevator as well, going up, then coming down again resolving at one level. My first one was getting the sensation of something pushing on my chest really hard, like something heavy sitting on it and I couldn’t breathe. Although it does feel like a posession (it actually does sometimes feel like something getting inside you) I do believe it’s just science and biology doing absolutely incredible stuff in the brain.

  9. people can say it doesn’t exist, but until you have an encounter, you don’t know. watch out for the succubus. they never stop trying.

  10. First off, you must pour salt EVERYWHERE. This is necessary, Demons don’t like salty things and tend to leave such items alone. Then, buy some beer. That way, even if the Demon does possess you, you can drown him/her away, along with your troubles. If all else fails, you should visit a doctor, he will prescribe some form drug that should fix any problem you have.

  11. A succubus will not possess you, they drain you of your energy. The first step in preventing a possession would be staying away from wicca, and anyone who practices it. It is not a positive force, and opens the door to the dark side where negative beings exist. The negative beings then naturally hang around wiccans, and drain them of their energy. They will look at you as a very nice meal, you have a lot of energy for them to siphon off.

  12. People who havent seen are less likely to believe. But a Succubus is VERY real in fact. There is a set of Movies called ALIEN FILES. It has ALOT of “hidden” messages in it- but there is “something” there. You can ask the movie her “name” and she will answer. I have NO and I mean NO skeptics who remain after watching this. However, I know what im saying cause ive seen stuff most wouldnt see in 30 lifetimes.. Go LOOKING for anything and IT will FIND you, However, dont believe what the “wiccan” saids by the way. I challenge ANYONE here to go in the woods of cemetary – yelling Hail Satan over and over – get mad too! Then tell me- NOTHING will happen? Cuz YOU wont do it is why.. STAY AWAY from what HATES you…

  13. First, if we assume this stuff is potentially real, this Wiccan is probably a flake, and it is likely that they don’t know what they are talking about. I wouldn’t worry about it. Second, assuming there may some validity to this vision, you are increasing your chances of such a thing happening by accepting that it is true. Assume that it is b/s, and you should be safe in any event.
    From a classical standpoint, succubi are not known for possessing people. That’s all the ammunition you need to cover all the bases.

  14. This is really starting to upset me. No one ever get possessed. Not ever! Crazy people think they do; however they do not. First of all to all of you who have seen too many movies its Luciferá not Lucifer. The devil is female not male. This is a common misconception. Secondly Luciferá does not want mankind to KNOW there is a heaven or a hell. She does not have her crew do possessions. So I am 100% sure you have nothing to worry about. That is unless you have a split personality. Finally Demons CAN NOT controll a human ever! Jesus dieing on the cross? Remember that? He died for your sins. Mankind has 100% Free will. The one thing she does not have and can never prevent. God is very big on “free will” and humans are atually protected by it. A demon could talk you into doing somthing they wated; however you would have no clue they are a demon. As I said God does not want mankind KNOWING there is a heaven. God wants you to act on faith. Luciferá does not want mankind to KNOW there is a heaven or a hell. So neither side will come directly out and say hey I am a demon or hey I am a angel. So in my opinion stop worrying and go live a happy life.

  15. Wow. So many things wrong with those statements, where to start?
    1) Demons don’t exist and if they did they wouldn’t “possess” you.
    2) That’s “a Wiccan”, not “a Wicca”.
    3) Most Wiccans don’t have “visions”. And I think if we did, most of us would check ourselves into mental institutes, because that isn’t normal.
    4) Wiccans have nothing to do with succubi, mostly because
    5) Succubi are fictitious mythological characters.
    6) Even in mythology, succubi don’t possess people, they are more like vampires, draining sexual energy from their victims.
    7) Who is this “Wiccan” who is doing this “foretelling”…? Obviously not someone with a strong grasp of the basic concepts of Wicca.

  16. These people are sorely mistaken. Succubi existed long before Christianity- in almost every culture. They can possess you, if you are very sick physically or emotionally, or if you are dying, of course. They will still have to feed on the prana of others, by breath, blood, or semen. Common protection: bay leaves, Rue, Comfrey, salt or rice, and many other things. They have nothing to do with Satan, nor do witches. In the old days, Christians made up a bunch of lies to make all pagans seem like devil worshippers. Why would we worship the devil? WE DONT BELIEVE HE EXISTS! duh… Nothing wrong with Wiccans or regular traditional witches. I am a witch (not Wiccan) We don’t slaughter lamb, drink the ‘blood’ or eat the ‘body’ of anyone, and we don’t have wars over shit. So quit acting like non Christians
    are the barbarians!
    And next time someone asks a question, instead of berating them or trying to convert them, ANSWER THE QUESTION or shut up!
    To the person who posted the question, sorry most people are ignorant heartless jerks. But us good ones are out there! 🙂
    That is all.

  17. Just wanted to let everyone know that this stuff is real and demons, succubi, and satan are all real! I know from personal experience. There’s alot of things that some people never get to see or experience but they are real and no joke either

  18. There is real evil out there. One of those evil forces is a dark spirit called Santa Muerte, Saint Death in English. A so called friend took me to one of her botanicals in Tucson, and after this trip, this horrible spirit terrorized me for over two years. It took me a very long time to shake this thing off. I became an expert in banishing. After this I will only work with Angels and the like.:)

  19. I need help. Im an avatar. Im tuning into spirits and energies of all kinds. Im here for healing and truth. Im being attacked


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