How can any "spiritual energy" exist when it hasn't been detected by anything that measures ENERGY ?

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I mean the conventional, scientifically observable definition of energy which is “a measure of work”.
Chi and prana, while having a lot of anecdotal testimony to their existence, have yet to be scientifically observed in any objective, peer reviewed studies.
I’ve yet to find a study, experiment, or machine that can measure someone’s chi.
So, does this mean there is something more physical at work here that these people experience?
Or do you think science, even though we can clone animals, recreate conditions not seen since the big bang, create the coldest space in the universe, develop quantum computer processors, and even teleport single atoms….
that despite all of this, we haven’t found a way to detect a kind of energy that millions of people worldwide, would testify they have felt in their body on occasion or regularly?
what do you think?

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Tom E

Our awareness is the tip of the iceberg insofar as consciousness is concerned. There’s a lot more out there that science hasn’t even detected. Our best minds are like kids in school. The answers will come, but perhaps not in this or our lifetimes.

Nice Guy

I think,what is not there cannot be detected.


The problem with scinece is that it continues to try to detect things that are not of the physical realm with physical instruments and these things are not detectable by our instruments at the stage they are in. Physical matter has many different levels of “weight” so to speak. But when dealing with “spiritual” things we no longer deal with the physical and instead are moving into etheric\astral energies. Only the densest of these energies can be detected by our instruments, but even then these levels of “matter” are so fine that we cant detect them. Science has to move out the box of the physical and being to realize there are different planes of life besides the one we exist in. When they come to that realization, only then can we begin the process of finding the proper methods to detect these things.

Arnel A

Liken to a nuclear radioactivity it can be felt amongst the locality. That is how it is felt. Now, in our current technology, it can be felt too in an amplified stage. I guess that is how they got the word UBIQUITOUS. Its everywhere my friend. Perhaps you were academically primed that you can not detect it.

Augustine Towonsing

Dear friend,
Greetings peace, love and light. First of all your questions is very interesting, its challenge our present understanding and awareness on our own existence.
Nevertheless, since everyone of us are unique therefore our personal uniqueness effects the characteristics of who we are that further differentiate of how we looks our surroundings.
However, I always believe that experiencing the present of extra ordinary energy within us is something very personal based on our personal needs. Therefore, the chi or mana are exist in everyone of us but we have no knowledge how to utililise them.
Yet, based on the people real experienced that there are individual who are able to utilise the energy for their own good and sometimes channel to others.
Hence, in my opinion in order to understand something that cannot be seen with naked eyes we cannot rely on the physical matter but we must have the spiritual conciousness. Therefore, the reasons why we need to explain things within the physical matters because we are exist within the law of logical thinking.
Furthermore, one’s spiritual conciousness is developt without other people intevention, it is extremely personal matter as between us and God. Nevertheless, at the same times we cannot separate our self from the physical matter as we a parts of the universe yet we needs spiritual conciousness in order to understand the existence of universal conciousness. Therefore, what I would like to emphasize here is that chi and mana are beyond the physical matters law yet we can feel its present within our physical body.
In other words, we need equilibrium to understand it as David Bohm, the famous Quantum Physicist had said that life and intelligence do not only exist in matter, but also exist within the very fabric of the entire Universe as a Whole.


How is it that I can feel something everybody is trying to convince me doesn’t exist? I have no idea why you can’t measure this stuff, but I at least can touch it. I can feel it. It has mass and form to me. And I’m not the only one. But no, not everybody apparently can, or else there wouldn’t be disbelievers.
and… another thought…. a hundred years or so ago these same brilliant scientists thought the world was flat. IOW, at the time, it was all they had and I do believe that in the fullness of time we’ll know more about this as well. Mankind continues to grow.
EDIT: WickerMan… I continue to say… just because YOU can’t see it, feel it or touch it or measure it… doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It merely means that it doesn’t exist for YOU. And deluded people like me? Are at least not spreading around hatred. I have yet to ONCE insult one of you for YOUR beliefs, for YOUR viewpoint, and yet, some how, WE’RE the stupid, unintelligent, crazy ones who shouldn’t breed?? I’d much rather be surrounded by deluded people like me, who have a heart and know the true meaning of the word peace, then be with “sane” people like you.

The Wicker Man

I find these people laughable. they accuse science as close minded and arrogant. the thing is: all the astral plane bullshit comes from before we knew the nature of the universe, as space with bodies peppering it. still, these energies can either exist or not. it’s not up to us to prove a negative: they have to prove the existance.
and if these “energies” don’t manifest physically, our bodies wouldn’t be able to detect them either: they are completely explainable with physics and chemistry.
I can’t stress enough how it is important to educate people from young ages in order to prevent them from believing in outdated myths, accusing reason of being narrow-minded because it contradicts their romantic worldview.
as for the already too deluded, a good advice is to never let them breed, let alone raise children.


Good question. Here’s what the TAPS site says about residual haunting for example.
“People may also hear the sounds of footsteps walking on the stairs or through hallways.
Typically the repeated event is whatever the person who left the energy behind did often or an significant event that they remember happening to them. It is almost like it the energy has become part of the dwelling that they once occupied on an every day basis. These haunting styles always seem to happen in the same place every time. ”
How on earth could an energy hang around and then continually manifest in that way? It doesn’t seem logical to me.

Peter D

Science can’t measure that which isn’t there. That’s because science is irreconcilable with magical thinking.

Tom I

Billions would testify they feel consciousness, you’d think scientists could confirm that…
Spiritual energy is consciousness, and spiritual energy work is the application and flow of consciousness. Just because science can only measure physical things, it doesn’t follow in the slightest that physics is all there is.


I think it’s hard to detect a spiritual substance with a physical instrument, that’s all.


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