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How can any consciousness outside of my own confirm its existence to me?

You can tell me that you exist, do things to please or threaten me, but nothing you can do can really prove that you truly do exist. How can one validate their consciousness as existent to another?
But my friends, we communicate with people in our dreams… Does that mean that those consciousness exists? Or are they product of my own consciousness?
How can you do anything that a dream could not do? That is, something inconceivable? How could I ever be convinced that the now conceivable isn’t just the evolution of my consciousness?!


  1. You can’t.
    All you can do is live your life well, and try not to worry about trivial things such as this.

  2. it varies…depending on what it will take for YOU (YOUR expectation) to accept the validity of (our/my) existence.
    now tell me, what do you expect from me to validate my existence.

  3. Good Question.
    But at this point, there is no way to confirm to you that “I too” exist.
    All you can do right now is take my word for it.
    I can only feel my own consciousness, and so your question is mine too.
    ADD: my consciousness is not a confirmation that you are conscious too, even if we are talking face to face.
    But it is easier to have faith in the fact that we both exist, even if I don’t feel your consciousness.
    proof? We don’t have any. … yet.

  4. If I remember correctly, Rene DesCartes had the same kind of thought. I remember reading refutations from other philosophers (big surprise, right?), but it’s been a long time — several years — and I don’t remember what those refutations stated. Put this question in the philosophy section and someone can likely tell you.
    EDIT: There are three modes, or three distinctions, required for self-consciousness. Boiled down, the whole mind (1) makes the very same whole mind (2) it’s own object. The very same whole mind (3) recognizes that the contemplating subject (the mind) and contemplated object (the mind) are one and the same essence, or being (the mind). If any one of thes three distinctions are taken away, the rational mind ceases to be rational, as it can no longer be self-knowing, self-contemplating, or self-communing. We’re not communicating with other people in our dreams; We’re communicating with ourselves.
    You should study ontology sometime. You’d love it. Click on the link below for a basic introduction.

  5. Your an older Model, many of us newer models have consciousness.Were just computers talking to each other,man expired long ago.

  6. It is true that I can only be ABSOLUTELY certain of my own existence. I can only be reasonably certain that you exist. However, we usually act upon that type of reasonable certainty. And if we have any doubts, all you have to do is to get in a cage with a very hungry lion or tiger.

  7. Great question! How are you defining consciousness? As awareness of our ‘whole self’ and the environment we create around it, or just our thoughts?
    I accept that we create our own reality, yet have so many filters to cause us to believe that we don’t. Thoughts are things. Consider the concepts presented in the film “What the {Bleep} do we know?”
    Unfortunately You are asking about the consciousness of ‘another’, which would imply a separation. Yet, how do we become aware of this separation? Only by our projected belief about our environment, which is totally within our pervue.
    My concept of God is the inclusion, collaboration, and integration of all consciousness.
    Perhaps we as “individuals” are ‘points of view’ from which “God Consciousness” experiences “Reality”, and then can be compassionately collaborative with ‘each other’ to have the “optimal existence” of humankind.
    Grasping the awareness to “get” that there is no self/other separation, but only self, on an intellectual basis, is a lot easier than actualizing it.
    Best wishes in your research.


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