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How can an immaterial, unexteneded thing (the mind, consciousness) affect the physical, material world?

how can my mind, which exists in some un-phsical realm, possible affect the physical world?


  1. You are going on the assumption that your mind is immaterial. The great majority of neuroscience would beg to differ.
    Your mind _is_ a physical process housed in a physical object–your brain. This is easily demonstrated in any number of ways by observing how the brain exercises complete control over the mind. If you take drugs, these affect your brain and also your mind. The mind is likewise affected by brain injuries (concussions, senility) and diseases (like Alzheimer’s). If your mind was somehow separate from your physical being, then none of these things should have any effect on your mind. Your consciousness should be unaffected by anything that affects your brain. Obviously, that’s not the case.
    Further evidence that mind and brain are one and the same comes from looking at the structure of the brain. We know for a fact that your memories (which also includes all your knowledge, talents, and experiences) are encoded in the way that your neurons link up with each other. Your brain is essentially a giant neural network. In that light, your mind can simply be regarded as the “program” running on your neural-net computer of a brain. When you turn off a computer, the programs on it can no longer run, and it is just another inert object. Similarly when your brain is “turned off” (like when you die), the “program” which is your mind no longer has any “hardware” to run on, and your body likewise becomes just another inert object. When you die, “you” are no more.
    But until that time comes, enjoy your life and your ability to affect the world around you.

  2. because the mind exists in conjunction with the brain… its like the conjoining of space and time to make spacetime… there is a continuum where the immaterial mind, supported by the material brain, interact.


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