How can an empathe deal with psychic attacks?





I am an empathe and I can feel the moral ground of hate.
It?s called dogma, and it kills.
I go to a college populated by minorities (black aren?t included), and I can feel their ?white hatred? for me!
I do not even have to say anything, and I can feel their thoughts!
3 things come into me:
Hate for being so-called ?Beautiful?.
Hatred for being an American.
Dislike for being REAL!
How can I neutralize these invasions, so that they aren?t as painful?
It?s like I have a needle being probed into my brain continuously, when I feel these pangs of hate!


  1. Find security in your own position. Hatred exists, not responding to it will diffuse it over time. It sounds to me that you have some hang ups for whatever reason, maybe some slight paranoia because your are empathetic to your surroundings. Racism exists in all races and comes in many forms. I was at a halloween party and someone couldn’t remember Denzel Washington’s name. Ryan (a black dude) said it was because she (my wife) couldn’t tell them (blacks) a part. I was surprised to hear such a comment. My wife isn’t racist she forgets names all the time and doesn’t have the luxury of picking one ethnic group to choose from. However the racism I observed was from Ryan. Not necessarily in a negative form but still leaving a negative outcome. Ryan had imprisoned himself into believing that if you are White you must be racist in some form, this effects his perception of people and prevents him from seeing even the most trivial of scenarios for what they were. If my wife had forgotten Jude Law’s name he wouldn’t have thought twice but because Denzel is black he took it personally. It was my wifes color that effected him not the other way around. This is just part of the evolution and abolition of racism. It takes generations to bleed these psychological hang ups out of society. My wife and I were lucky enough to be raised in a very diverse neighborhood and often times we aren’t even aware of what may be sensitive to some simply because we are naive of ones color and relevance. I believe this is exactly what Martin Luther King wanted. But just like those whites who hate try to teach it to their children their are black parents who hate and try to teach it to their children. The only way to abolish this is to find your own center don’t get sucked into the hatred and find security in your own path.

  2. First thing you need to do is get over your obvious bigotries. If they are THAT obvious in this small post you’ve made, they must be exceedingly obvious to those actually around you.
    Next you need a dictionary. Look up dogma. It does not mean what you think. There is only one E in empath.
    If you were a genuine empath you would be more empathetic – that is understanding – of the feelings of others. True empaths are quick to point out the beauty in others. True empaths loath to call themselves beautiful.
    It’s very likey you are suffering genuine psychic attacks. But it has nothing to do with being an empath. Anyone and everyone can suffer a psychic attack. If people are aiming genuine hatred at you then look to your own actions. Try to be a better person.

  3. What you visualize becomes *real* on a spiritual level, so visualize each morning when you get up being completely enclosed in an *aura* of Pure White Light, like an egg of light completely surrounding you..
    That pushes away negativity, but if the attacks continue then also visualize yourself completely surrounded by an outward-facing mirror which will reflect back any attack thoughts to the sender..You can do that round your house, car, anything you choose..*See*White Light beaming down on them from above..Light is your *weapon* in that sense..
    Know that you have much unseen loving help on inner levels when you ask for it..Asking is necessary as the *law* on Earth is freewill and choice, so we use our choice to request assistance or not to..Angels have to be asked to help..
    If you retaliate and try to send hatred and anger back to those who hurt you it will rebound back on you..Instead, if you are able, realize that you are dealing with ignorance as with *children*, and send Love and Light to them..That which we call darkness (lack of Love/Light) is fearful of Light and will flee generally, but sometimes our loving thoughts can begin to change them..
    Contact me if you feel to talk more..You are gifted and are here for a purpose at this time of tremendous change..
    Obama has survived over 20 assassination attempts so far, but he works with the unseen and is Divinely protected..He is here to lead the world back towards the Light, and those who currently are attacking him and thwarting his attempts of positive change are of the dark (most of those around him!)

  4. I like what a radio announcer said “What other people think of me is non of my business”.Just do not let them bother you.

  5. Emm…hate to break the news to you- but it doesn’t take an empath to recognize “hate” it’s a pretty damn strong emotion, even I an emotionally vacant, slightly sociopathic individual can pick up on hate- just take it on the chin!

  6. Main thing is to remember that folks, reasonably, believe their feelings are private. If they had a clue, they’d not be doing it, but responding to your innocence. So forgiveness, and a sense of humor, is in order.

  7. Visualize yourself surrounded with mirrors that reflect not on you, but back on the people attacking you.
    Don’t listen to people who don’t understand this; their ignoranace on the subject is not your problem.
    I am also an empath and it used to take over my life until I learned how to reject the attacks.

    • Hi, Hello, I realize this message was months ago, but I am dealing with the most detrimental health debilating psychic attack. I am trying all these conventional ways to get rid of it, but it isnt working. I am fully mentally healthy and have been checked out in every other way for any mental or physical health problem. Every time I eat food it seems like I’m even getting poisoned. It all feels demonic. Can anyone help me?

    • Hi, Hello, I realize this message was months ago, but I am dealing with the most detrimental health debilEting psychic attack. I am trying all these conventional ways to get rid of it, but it isnt working. I am fully mentally healthy and have been checked out in every other way for any mental or physical health problem. Every time I eat food it seems like I’m even getting poisoned. It all feels demonic. Can anyone help me?

  8. Start being a douche back to everyone. It’s worked for me and I never have looked back. Never again will anyone see the soft, creamy nougat that comprises my inner core…they will taste the hard outer shell of dark, bitter 80% pure chocolate.

  9. The elephant looks very cheerful, happier than the man.
    I would use it to make some point about uplifint peoples spirits.
    But I do not know how.

  10. Well, first thing with empathy is to not let your mind run rampant. Second, you need to learn how to shield yourself from emotions that you don’t want to effect you. this is usually done by utilizing your energy, or energy from a god, and surrounding yourself with it. This can be visualized as a color or form that will protect you from outside ailments.

  11. it’s not called feeling the anger of those around you because you are an EMPATH (spell it right) it’s called being really paranoid.
    almost no one hates you for being white

  12. If you are a true empath, you would know how to shut it off in crowds so you don’t go insane.
    It sounds to me like you are more of an arrogant racist troll than an empath.

  13. Empaths don’t exist except in Star Trek. Psychic attacks don’t exist except in comic books. See where I’m going with this?

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