Home Discussion Forum how can a girl tell another girl is bisexual?

how can a girl tell another girl is bisexual?

Is it an aura or the way they act and look? What are the top signs. Let me know because I can’t work it out.


  1. How about the way anyone finds out if there is anything between them, you talk and ask.
    If you can’t talk openly with someone there is NO WAY you should get into a relationship with them.

  2. Just ask. That’s the only way. I told my best friend in a really weird. It sounds like a movie/stereotypical but this is honestly what happened. We were drunk ( I know) on our way home from the club and for some reason or another, I just blurted out that I wanted to have sex with a girl. She then told me that she has before so I asked her if we could and then it happened. I would have never known if I hadn’t asked because we have been friends for a LONG time and I would have NEVER guessed.


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