Home Discussion Forum How can a crystal heal?

How can a crystal heal?


  1. Well Calypso, it can’t.
    The idea as I understand it is that crystals are said to have vibrations, and people’s energy vibrates and somehow different crystals tune your energy vibrations.
    It’s a load of sillyness probably based on a misunderstanding of the Piezo effect which allows crystals to be such accurate time keepers (quartz watches)
    There is no evidence that form of “vibrational energy” exists in humans or in crystals, and no evidence that being near a crystal can have an effect on anything at all. They can be pretty to look at, so if that’s your thing, get some. Just don’t try to cure anything

  2. Technically it cannot heal on its own, but with a little super glue you can put it right back together and “heal” it if it breaks.


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