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How can a Chinese?

who can not speak English,after going through past life regression,remembers she live in San Fransisco in 1800.and starts speaking english.with American accent, which amazes her after she woke up?wow
Dr, Brian Wiess was the doctor(head of Dept. of psychiatry,university of Florida)


  1. Read so many books on the subject, and most of them while performing hypnosis to find the reality, they knew that it comes from when the mother was pregnent she visited such places or they read books on the subject too much, that the child in the womb got it through her.

  2. Am still waiting for info on the girl who came out of the “COMA” and could speak 3-different languages too!!!! She said that the ANGELS taught her!!!!!!???????????

  3. Because they had that determination to get what they want and it brought them that success. There is nothing in this world that you have determined cannot achieve unless you are a person who gives up easily and never try again when you fail. Remember winners never quit and quitters never win.

  4. i bought a regression book & cd by dr. brian weiss. i didn’t get the results i wanted, and so i e-mailed him…
    amazingly, he replied me few days later. he advised me on some techniques & i did managed to ‘go back’ to my infancy stage.
    i didn’t want to go back to my past lives, i was only trying to resolve my emotional issues with my parents.so there.

  5. Everything the Soul experiences is not forgotten. So our past lives are like these fragments of the Soul that are separate from each other. When we regress or remember a past life, you are dipping into that Soul’s memory.
    There are people who are channellers channelling higher beings that speak other languages that the channeller themselves do not know. I know one lady that channels in Sanskrit and she herself does not know it.
    There is an Ocean of Concsiousness that we can tap into; we are but just a drop of that Ocean. The separation is just an illusion. We can receive anything through ourselves within: Knowledge, Love, Wisdom, Creativity, Languages, etc.

  6. this happens during strokes. you are tapping into a part of the brain that has subconsciously picked this up….. even if she watched a tv show for a minute and didnt understand it…. it can come out during a stroke, remember we only use 10% of our brains…..
    or maybe just tap into others lives…. we are all connected. we may have been “around” as angels on earth before coming to earth as a baby.


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