Home Discussion Forum How big is your spiritual ego?

How big is your spiritual ego?

Rukidding, of all people you should realise im kidding. Relax, you’ll look smarter!
Taff3, self-pity and unworthiness, or submission is a form of vanity.
Oh, im sorry, did you not know that?


  1. Too big… It’s easily injured, and it occasionally scares me away from searching for answers to difficult questions [for fear that Christianity indeed isn’t the way to go].

  2. At one time it was huge! I was proud of my humbleness.I was a graduate of Moody Bible Institute,led several Home fellowships ,played guitar and sang.Taught men’s studies….”Oh,how could God do with out me?”
    All that sort of went away and I sit home and do nothing.I just study my Bible and do this.Ministry is not on my horizon.


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