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How are you healing your pain-body?

by fredens:

“Because of the human tendency to perpetuate old emotion, almost everyone carries in his or her energy field an accumulation of old emotional pain, which I call “the pain-body.”
~Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth
I respect the honesty from those of you who “self-medicate,” but is that truly healing?

Answer by aradude188
by smoking pot


  1. You are taking a quote out of context. Tolle’s book needs to be read slowly, chapter by chapter. In all fairness to him, read the book first before you comment.

  2. Everyone carries emotional pain, but it’s not something that is voluntary, I don’t think. I think it’s pain and unconsciousness linked together making it hard to access. Enlightened people make it sound so easy and wonder why others have chosen to remain in ignorance, like it’s a choice! But I think life is designed this way because if a person could just decide to be enlightened and cease to reincarnate, there would be no human forms for sub-human forms to evolve into, the whole primary consciousness/unconsciousness would collapse and the creation would be destroyed. Creation is impermanent anyway and will eventually be destroyed, but it won’t be because humans discovered a fool-proof secret to instant liberation, unfortunately.

  3. The wounded heart which never healed right, but instead became infected with resentment.. and the wound closed up with the infection trapped inside.
    Sometimes it’s necessary to cut the wound open again and let the infection run out… but…what will be done differently now, so that the wound finally heals once and for all?
    Do we have to be forgiving at last?
    What else can we do?

  4. Deep meditation to find the root cause and then take it to the doctor if it needs to go. Deep meditation reminding me that I am healthy.
    Prescription pain medications — all of my meds are handled by one physician.
    Also by massages every week because my body gets tweaked and new pains erupt.
    Heating pad.

  5. I tend to smoke a little pot.
    Meditation also helps a lot. Although it is very hard to meditate when stoned. So it helps me to smoke less pot too.
    Edit: No i do not think that smoking pot to deal with issues that i have is good for me. I do know that it is less harmful to me than some of the other things i have done in life as a result of things that happened in childhood. I am working on taking responsibility for my own actions and being able to let go of the actions of others who have caused me hurt or harm. Becoming mature enough to realize that every one of the people who caused me hurt is as human and fallible as I am has helped a lot. When you stop blaming others and yourself for problems is when you can finally work on ways to fix them. One of the people who i blamed a lot was my father. Since his death my thinking has changed a lot. I wish now that i had known the forgiveness for him that i have come to understand when he was still alive. Sadly that was not to be. I am not fixed but i am working on it.

  6. Baby-steps at a time…transformation is simple but not easy!
    Staying aware and watching myself do something that I Know is harmful to state of mind and body, can make you feel like such a failure and almost want to give up.
    Then I look at that feeling…that is also a knee-jerk reaction.
    I am reading that book as well…(and about 3 other’s)
    Lot of good stuff!

  7. I think the best way to heal it is to see it for what it is.
    Recognize it without denying it and it will lose its power over you. The struggle is not with the pain-body but with our inability to see reality as it truly is.
    Since consciousness or awareness is Reality itself, the more we align ourselves with it, the more conscious we become, and the more we realize that our perceived suffering and pain is not us – not something to identify with – but merely energy we are holding on to.

  8. With forgiveness. Strong negative emotions relived & the belief that we can be wounded by another are the source of the pain body. ( I did enjoy his books!) For many years I was an open wound of everything “they” had done to me! I walked around in a constant state of pain, a signal to all of just how badly “they” had hurt me. Eventually I got tired of being sick & tired & angry, & sought another way. Eventually I came to know that no one did anything to me, at least not the real me. The real me is the perfect son of the perfect Father/Mother. How could anything created by the Divine ever really be changed or damaged. It has always been the ego that thinks it is hurt or slighted. With this understanding I first forgave myself & then others. Eventually I was given even greater understanding that there really is nothing to forgive. It is the greatest secret of forgiveness, how do you forgive something that happens in a illusion, a dream. As I grew in understanding my past tortures faded. Today, when I remember that childhood, it is like a dream. It very much feels like it happened to someone else, & even the memory begins to fade. Forgiveness paved the way to be able to truely Love, without expectation or conditions, to accept others as all part of myself, each just doing the best they can at any given moment.

  9. To be conscious of “old emotions” as they arise and before they become a fire breathing dragon is most valuable.
    There is a heightened awareness in the “energy field” that can zap old ‘karmic’ habit patterns. That awareness is the ‘all powerful’, omniscient, part of all of us that Eckhart Tolle speaks from.

  10. My SPIRITUAL BROTHER Phae has out-done Herself with that answer… The second greatest GIft of the Maker by what ever Name you use is FORGIVENESS!

  11. The first thing is you have to LOVE yourself…that means you start realising what is troubling you and since you love yourself you will try to cure it in the best possible way……and since the pains are emotional the cure lies in sympathising with yourself and giving more time for your emotional well being.

  12. The only emotional “pain” that I know nowadays, is that of the wholly immense feeling of love.
    You’re asking yourself… “pain?”
    Yes, I consider it somewhat of a “pain,” in the sense that I cry tears of immense joy whenever the intensity of this love hits me at full force. It’s so overwhelming and breathtaking that it almost hurts with pleasure. There are so many heart-felt emotional/spiritual feelings involved with this inner “feeling” of true love that I wouldn’t feel right in saying that it didn’t include a bit of “pain.”
    But, as far as these “old emotional pains” go… I’ve experienced my fair share in the past. But the moment I realized that all they love to do is repeat themselves… I stopped the cycle with a thought.
    Now, as far as physical pain goes… I got some knots in my back due to an old snowboarding accident (broke the darn collar bone!)… Anyone here a massage therapist? (hehehe)


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