How are you handling your spiritual awakening?

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Hello. Unless you are in a cave, then you probably have heard a lot of people talking about their spiritual awakening. Have you had yours? What are you doing with yours and are you finding out who you are?
I am going through mine and am enjoying it at a high frequency
My spiritual channel (New age)

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I am helping others with theirs for the last 17 years.
Especially with parents that have spiritually aware children.
Each day I embrace something new about myself and help my 3 children with their special gifts and spiritually.

old n wise

Spiritual awakening…..mine is about being myself, and feling the life force in me and staying with that. But I wish I could love someone! I have more to give.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster

uh…no? I have no spirit, I have no soul. I am a pure evil entity.


yeah, i’m a grey wolf

Robert K

I think, for all of us, our lives are works-in-progress, and I have to remember that I am not looking for an end point, but, rather, to enjoy the journey as it goes along. I feel like I am finding out a great deal more than I ever expected about love, forgiveness, compassion, gratitude, humility and those other things that enhance our lives and uplift the human spirit. When it comes to love, I feel like I’m an absolute beginner. Best wishes to you in your spiritual journey!

Praise the Lord!

Here is a glimpse of mine.
Some time people have life experiences that don’t produce a way out of them. It’s hard to know why it is easier for some people to find comfort and happiness when they discover Jesus and others never do. For me, I have always had wonderful experiences and all of my prayers answered quickly. because of my continued relationship with Jesus. I am in no way preaching or trying to force anything on you, just sharing with you as you just did with me. For these are windows we are merely looking through for each other right now.
I was raised a Catholic for the first 11 years of my life and as a young child I knew deep down inside me that the teachings were not right. When I turned 11 I was singled out by a young man wearing a nice suite and tie, and he invited me to speak to him for a moment. He singled me out of a group of my neighborhood friends of about 10 of us. And I had later learned that out of the ten kids, I was the only one who was not a Born again Christian.
He asked me if I knew who Jesus was and I said I heard of him in the catholic school I once attended. We were never taught about having any personal real relationship with Him there. He asked me if I wanted to meet Jesus and I excitedly said YES! I had been longing for that special personal guidance from God, but no one would ever lead me to it the way this young man did that day.
I remember that is was on a summer Saturday.That day I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior, and immediately I truly felt as if my feet were no longer touching the ground as I walked home. It was if I was as light as a feather and it began on the inside of me. That was the day I knew what a euphoric feeling was.
Over the years hardships hit and I tuned to Jesus for Help, and every time He spoke to my heart, He led me away from those problems not only with speed but with great ease and comfort as well. I faced serious foreclosure and the Lord led me to sell my home and downsize. He always gave me the right answers to all of my questions and needs, as well as the courage to walk through all the doors He opened for me.
When I first came to Tennessee, we over extended ourselves with our new business and had to come up with one thousand dollars before the next day or our power in the restaurant will be turned off. I prayed and ask the Lord how can I get that kind of money that fast? I asked Him to help me, and that I would do what ever He told me to do. I had 3 milk cows I absolutely loved and I milked them 2 times a day every day rain or shine.
That afternoon a woman pulled up in my driveway and asked me if I would consider selling my cows to her grandfather.I never met this woman or her grandfather because they did not even live in our county. I told her to send him to me. He came later that evening and asked me what I wanted for all of my cows, I told him fifteen hundred dollars. He pulled out exactly one thousand dollars and asked if I would take that. I told him, “Mister, you just bought some milk cows”. That was Jesus providing me with what I asked for, but at the same time I had to give up something I loved to get it. But it worked for me.
A couple of years ago my husband was going to help a handicapped woman with a fallen tree in her yard. He had no gas in the truck and no money to by gas either and I wasn’t at home at the time. She lived far enough that if he attempted to go without the gas he was going to run out before he got there, so he pray to Jesus and told Him that if it was His will that he help that woman, would Jesus make a way to get there with out running out of gas.
Now, here’s the kicker…. As my husband was pulling out of the driveway, our dog was prancing over to his driver’s door with something laid across her mouth as if someone placed it there. He got out of the truck to see what it was and much to his joy it was a five dollar bill. my husband thanked the Lord and said he now has the money to buy the gas to help that woman.
Those are just 3 of the things Jesus did for us because of our relationship with Him. Yes He places limitations on us and rules, and many people don’t like that because they feel those limitation keep them from doing what they want. But when a person accepts Jesus as becomes a born again Christian, they go into that relationship giving up certain freedoms, knowing that they are always going to be taken care of , protected, loved and guided in life that continues onto the afterlife as well.
Yes I have to keep from reading and doing things that to some people may be fun or even exciting,because those things are the temptations of satan, but I am a born again Christian and I have to do, eat, and drink things that only bring glory to God. But for me personally it’s so worth it. That in no way means that i can’t still have a non believer as my friend or love them the way I do. I promise that I will never try to sway you to change how you live because that is not my job as

Frou Frou

well, im not sure if id say complete awakening, as i dont think your ever really awake, otherwise you woudlnt have to be searching for your spiritual self
but yes i had soemthing that i class very similar, but i think we go through way more than 1 in our life, as i said, its a journey, not one occurrence
i found mine to be very refreshing, satisfying and like i knew what i was supposed to know, i was where i was supposed to be
and i was becoming who i was suposed to become
im definitely finding out who i am, but i dont believe thats soemthing that ever stops
because life changes us each day , each month each year etc
so we are always changing and always learning
im enjoying mine too, its great isnt it
im glad you are enjoying yours

pkm trainer

Well I’ve been living with my auntie for 3 weeks during the summer and am now at university doing English. It is a challenging time for me and I have found it very difficult. Spiritually speaking I have been awake for much longer than other people I know, they are only starting to awaken more but I can see a global awakening happening and your right about the law of attraction. I have felt myself that there are so many people who I love and love me but I am hesitant when it comes to some people because I know they are bad for me. I can sense it a person would be bad in my life. These times are by no means easy and I have struggled to keep on top of things but I find my family really supportive and they keep me going. I also enjoy simple pleasures like going out to shops etc. Its easy to get a bit too bogged down in all the deep and insightful things happening. There is a time and place for all of it.


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