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How are the teachings of Guatama Buddha relevant in your life, or which teaching do you think has value?

I like the parable of the lute, the fire sermon, and the teaching that one should not only care about how their actions effect others, but they should do good without thought of reward


  1. 500 years before Jesus was born, the Buddha said, “Do not do to others that which you abhor when done to you.” The fact that Jesus says the same thing in perfect reverse inclines many to believe he spent part of his lost years in India.

  2. I like the concept of the no-self (not sure if that is Guatama Buddha or not) The quote about not believing something just because of tradition or authority but because it makes sense.
    I don’t know too many of his actually stories he told. please enlighten me on them.

  3. I’ve studied Buddhism academically, but I have never experienced it as such.
    From the outside, it has some beautiful concepts.
    I like the idea of the butterfly effect with respect to the beautiful and wise words of all religions and philosophies.

  4. I have little brothers. One thing that stood out to me in his teachings where when he states that ‘when you harm an innocent, pure being, you harm yourself also, like throwing dust against the wind, it comes back to you.’ or something to that effect. I find it powerful that he states that we literally are what we think, and that our mind is the creator of the world.


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