How are psychological health and enlightenment related?





What are the practical benefits of enlightenment, if we define it as a psychological state?


  1. Well, this is only my view point I`m afraid but, I stand by it. To coin an old phrase, its all down to cognitive behaviour. That is the psychology of thoughts feelings and behavior. Once we understand how these three cognitive processes relate to each other we can then make the choice to change the process and affect the result it has on our lifes. Based on a similar theory, once we truely get to know our true self, in all honesty, we can again affect change that will lead to a change on our own lives.

  2. Fewer collisions created by going the wrong way on the road.
    Fewer frustrations from not understanding. More control because enlightenment is about rationalizing and unleashing the self, not about blaming others.

  3. Dear MBM,
    Enlightenment is not a psychological state. It is a total surrender of a separated idea of self. It is a complete death of the old. The new is not a reconstruction of the old. It is union with Source. Enlightenment is a jump into the unknown in trust. Enlightenment is a step outside the influence of karma. There is no one home to be a recipient of karma.
    The only benefits are to the followers he guides.
    The pursuit of enlightenment is desire that comes from the want of the future. This is one of the most difficult things to drop. Desire for self or God is still desire and the root cause of all suffering under the influence of karma. Excepting that only Source is a good beginning. The whole universe is not rational or logical; it?s quite paradoxical.
    Go in peace, Asha

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