Home Discussion Forum How are psychiatrists different from therapists?

How are psychiatrists different from therapists?

If a therapy patient accepted a referral, to see a psychiatrist, what would be expected concerning the existing therapy versus the new doctor? What transitional issues would arise? What sources of anxiety are typically encountered?
Also, can a psychiatrist violate the individual sovereignty of non-threatening, law-abiding, rational patient? In other words, have force be used in order to enforce his agenda?


  1. A psychiatrist will only listen. A therapist will listen and actually advise and do something about the problems.

  2. Psychiatrist: Medical doctor. He/she can prescribe drugs, and admit patients to psychiatric hospitals. They can get court orders to admit “dangerous” people to psychiatric hospitals. Their opinion of what is “dangerous” may have something to do with their agenda.
    Therapist: NOT an M.D. — probably educated with a Master’s degree, in psychology or other related study. Generally cannot prescribe drugs (although that is changing). Refers cases to psychiatrists, when necessary.
    Psychologist: also not an MD, but has a PhD in psychology — other than that — same as a therapist.
    That’s the short summary.

  3. Pyschiatrist do the more mental treatment, meditating, making you repeat words”head stuff”. therapist do the more physical parts”massages, rubbing certian body parts, etc……

  4. A psychiatrist can prescribe medication, a therapist cannot.
    If you are solely seeing a psychiatrist, they should be taking care of both aspects..therapy and medication therapy.
    However, therapists and psychiatrist can work in conjunction with one another. You may see a therapist for individual counseling and the partnering psychiatrist for your meds.
    Therapists specialize in the counseling aspect, using referrals to psychiatrists for meds when necessary.
    Psychiatrists specialize in the medication aspect, however can provide counseling as well.
    I’m assuming you are wondering if a psychiatrist can medicate you without your consent. They cannot. They can make recommendations, however it is up to you if you chose to follow through. The only time a mental health professional can step in without you being willing is when you pose a threat to yourself or others(extreme cases). However, this would result in an involuntary commitment (sometimes called a 302), and you would be taken to a hospital for treatment.
    However in any normal circumstances, you must be a willing participant in any treatment whether counseling or medication.


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