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How are confucianism, taoism, and chinese buddhism similar to the religion of ancient egypt?


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    They teaches them to do their own homework.

  2. They are so utterly different that all they have in common is the belief that life does not end when a person’s body dies.
    That is all…everything else they believe differently.

  3. Confucianism form the teachings of Confucius.
    Taoism from the teachings of Lao Tse
    Buddhism from the Teaching of Gautama Buddha.
    These 3 are not religions, they are teachings done by actual people who walk the earth. They are mortal beings just like Mahatma Gandhi, Deepak Chopra, Ajhan Bhram, Dalai Llama, Nelson Mandela and other great thinkers. Early Egyptian Religion are based on Mythology similar to Greek and Roman Mythology. Though foundation belief of after life is present in Buddhism it is very different.
    Confucianism and Taoism have gone from preserving the teachings of their patriarch and now have been derived into superstition form of faith. Most practitioner of Taoism also believe in Mahayana Buddhism sad part is that they practice esoteric to some level of superstitious practices than actual ripping benefit on Buddha’s Wisdom on no blind faith. Some Taoist turned Lao Tse’s teachings into the source of good luck charms, Chinese horoscopes, Feng Sui, which are all based on fear where fear is an aggregate that contradicts to Buddha’s teachings.
    Some Buddhist Temples, Taoist Temples…having no one leader like Pope have some disadvantages, one of which is that followers just follow on the wisdom of their Abbot or Temple priest or congregation head, which often have politics and intrigues, which exist in all religious congregations. What is good about is that, it gives the faithful an opportunity to reflect on such belief and refine it for personal wisdom.
    All religions are good and in well meaning. Unfortunately some leaders and practitioner turned to just rely their predecessors than understanding and experiencing the great thinkers wisdom by scrutiny and testing if they are true wisdom you could value and treasure more than gold.


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