How are chimpanzees, cats and rabbits able to operate some level of consciousness if they have no spirits?

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Isn’t consciousness and the ability to feel and think the reason for why people believe in spirits?

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Because the absurd concept of “spirit” has nothing to do with consciousness.


Yeah. Personally I say they’re smarter than us humans because they don’t needs laws to keep them from murdering one another in their sleep, rape each other in ally ways, or destroy the environment without a second thought.


Because consciousness has nothing to do with your idea of a spirit.

Got Proof?

There are no such things as spirits. Consciousness is a function of the brain.


Because God supplies those critters with life.


Some believe that every living thing has a “spirit”. “Levels of consciousness” does not come into the equation.

βα∂ Qαμζ

Every living thing contains a spirit.

Dr. Mankitten

No one has any spirits, because there’s no such a thing.

☮ Pangel ☮

who says they have no spirit ?


Man has no spirit other than the drive to achieve his goals, so I really don’t see the relevance of this.

seeker of Jehovah

they were not created in the image of god
they do not have a conscience as humans do
they do have a soul it is not eternal

Theist Stumper

I guess the Devil helps them do it, to test our faith.
It’s in the bible and Goddidit and I have faith and I’m stupid.

Gary B

They DO have spirits (souls), but an animal soul is NOT the same as a Human Soul.
the Human Soul is the only soul that is guaranteed to live forever. When an animal dies, it’s soul is released and destroyed. While there WILL be animals and pets in Heaven, “Fluffy” your favorite cat or “Spot” your childhood dog will not..

Bluto Blutarsky83

because the people that make up this crackpot crap lack the benefit of an understanding of science.

Believe me...

Body only: Lower life forms (insects, reptiles, amphibians, fish, invertebrates)
Body and soul: Life forms that can interact with humans (birds, mammals)
Body, soul and spirit: Humans and angels
The soul is best described as the characteristics that make up the advanced brain, including mind, will and emotion. Only birds and mammals exhibit these characteristics, which is why humans can form mutual relationships with birds and mammals.
The spirit is that part of humans that is able to love and experience God directly. It is found in no other animal species, since no other species can experience God or form a relationship with Him.

Sith Master2019

They DON’T operate on the same level of consciousness at humans. Spirits have nothing to do with it.


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