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How Are Buddhist Meditation Beads Blessed?

The reason I ask is because I found a organization that offers handmade Mala beads, blessed and made by Buddhist Nuns. I’m unfamiliar with Buddhist customs and would like to know how Mala beads are blessed. Thanks
The site can be found at The Tibetan Nuns Project

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Thank you for yours answers.


  1. Usually by chanting something over them, either as they are being made (that’s what I do) or later. Since this is a Tibetan group, probably a mantra.

  2. I have had Mala Beads for many years that are used in my practice
    They are made out of Sandalwood and cost £4.00
    I wouldn’t´t let any Monk /Nun near these for any reason Tibetan or otherwise
    Lord Buddha said We can only purify Ourselves
    edit a reasonable explanation regarding Mala’s [with no blessing mentioned ] $$/££ ?

  3. In Tibetan Buddhism, one usually asks one’s teacher or another lama to bless one’s mala beads.
    There are a variety of ways of blessing them. My teacher did a round of mantras himself on my mala and then gave it back to me. Some lamas hold the mala between their hands and say a short prayer.
    I’ve no idea how they’re blessed by nuns – but probably in a similar way, or else by placing them on a shrine during a chanting ceremony.


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