• In Tibetan Buddhism, one usually asks one’s teacher or another lama to bless one’s mala beads.
    There are a variety of ways of blessing them. My teacher did a round of mantras himself on my mala and then gave it back to me. Some lamas hold the mala between their hands and say a short prayer.
    I’ve no idea how they’re blessed by nuns – but probably in a similar way, or else by placing them on a shrine during a chanting ceremony.

  • I have had Mala Beads for many years that are used in my practice
    They are made out of Sandalwood and cost £4.00
    I wouldn’t´t let any Monk /Nun near these for any reason Tibetan or otherwise
    Lord Buddha said We can only purify Ourselves

    edit a reasonable explanation regarding Mala’s [with no blessing mentioned ] $$/££ ?


  • Usually by chanting something over them, either as they are being made (that’s what I do) or later. Since this is a Tibetan group, probably a mantra.

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