Home Discussion Forum How and why exactly is there consciousness and awareness?

How and why exactly is there consciousness and awareness?


  1. Consciousness and awareness evolved in our ancestors. Unfortunately we didn’t evolve to understand how consciousness and awareness work. The best answer I can give you is that they are just the patterns of neurons firing in your brain, however unsatisfying that sounds.

  2. I don’t think a ‘why’ can be answered.
    The ‘how’ is really a description of how we think these ideas are operating or functioning.
    Consciousness seems to be the culmination of physical matter, energy and awareness.
    Awareness seems to be the ‘looking’ that is happening in all things.
    Awareness doesn’t appear to be happening but just IS so there is no real way to describe an aspect of operation.
    Awareness can not be objectified like a machine.
    You can not separate your self from what you are.
    You can try to use symbols and descriptors to point at the idea but in the end you are trying to say a word without breath.
    Leave the why to religion. That’s how they make money.

  3. To create reality.
    This is more easily understandable if one considers the actual structure of an atom and the scale and placement of its components. If one takes into account the fact that the neutrons and protons form a dense cluster at the center of the atom and that the electrons orbit in such a way that huge spaces exist between them and the nucleus it becomes clear that the atoms that make up seemingly solid objects are made up of 99+ percent empty space at any given moment.
    This alone does not seem too important until you add the idea that the atoms that make up many seemingly solid objects are more of a loose conglomeration that share a similar attraction but never really touch each other.
    At first glance this does not really seem relevant, but closer analysis reveals that this adds a tremendous amount of empty space to solid objects that are already made up of atoms that could be thought of as 99 percent space. When so-called solid objects are seen in this light it becomes apparent that may not be the seemingly solid objects they appear to us to be.
    We ourselves are not exceptions to this phenomenon.
    These seemingly solid objects are more like ghostly images that we interpret as solid objects based on our perceptual conclusions.
    From this one could conclude that Perception is some sort of a trick that helps us to take these ghostly images and turns them into a world we can associate and interact with. This clever device seems to be a creation of our intellect that enables us to interact with each other in what appears to be a three dimensional reality.
    I want to add that this is based on my own personal way of looking at the situation and was never intended to be a physics lesson.
    Love and blessings Don

  4. the god create them as he created everything else ,
    i think because we need them to live is good and enough reason ,
    (to use them to believe that there is a creator who create everything and obey him . so we get the real goodness and happiness that never after)


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