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How and where should i perform meditation to achieve the best experience possible?



  1. space out for an extended amount of time in a quiet relaxed area
    burn a good smelling candle to help if you want aromatherapy to go with it

  2. Satanists meditate? I thought they just danced around naked and smeared blood on each other.
    Your best experience will come from a comfortable, quite, distraction free setting.
    You will probably will have to cover the goat heads and pentagrams.

  3. I’m not sure why you threw the word “Satanist” in there…
    You want to find a place where you’re comfortable (psychologically and physically)… and it helps if there are no distracting sounds or people to interrupt you.
    As far as how – there are many different meditation styles… you’ll have to read about them on your own.

  4. I usually do it while relaxing in bed.
    Before rituals I sometimes just sit in the dark to commune with the energy around me.
    If you get scared easy, dont try that one. There are things in the dark. Old things. They are not bad, or aggressive, just curious about people that tread on their territory. If you open yourself up in pure darkness, expect company.

  5. Mike
    How – For meditation to go well, you first need to dedicate to it, same time & same place preferably even if your only managing 5 mins a day.
    Where – Somewhere quite that you can sit & feel calm. You may wish to create a meditation room or corner, that is solely for reflection.


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