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How am i astral projecting on accident?

i do this alot but i try to practice and control it but i just cant get it right! it always happens when i dont expect or when im “not” trying, why!!


  1. Astral projection is a form of out-of-body experience. There’s a perception that one has left the body – but that’s all it is. There’s no evidence to suggest that anyone is actually capable of “leaving” their body, either on purpose or otherwise.
    There are various physical explanations for out-of-body experiences. It often happens when a person is sleeping or near sleep, often as a result of sleep paralysis. Extreme physical exertion can also bring on an OBE, and there are various ways of purposely inducing such an experience – meditation, visualisation, falling asleep physically without losing wakefulness, lucid dreaming, and various psychoactive drugs.
    Simply put, it’s your brain playing tricks on you. 😉

  2. I disbelieve that everything that has a sceptics corner is simly something playing tricks on you, nor do I believe that there is a scientific exlanation for everything. For the physical world, yes, but not necessarily the rest. or religion would be a science by now.
    Most of my astral travels are “accidental” – and don’t ask me how it happens, there is NOTHING that I do to cause it to happen.

  3. You haven’t given a lot of info here so it’s very difficult to give any type of comprehensive answer. I will say to disregard the attempts of people to convince you that this “all in your mind”. You know what you know. You experienced it, not them. And I am also wary of people who cite 2 of their 3 references from the same “skepdics” site.
    All I can offer you is a suggestion because it’s important that you receive the assistance you need from people who understand and have had similar experiences. Robert Bruce has been teaching people about astral projection for several years and he is an established and recognized authority. It was his “Rope Technique” that allowed me the greatest gains when I began to experiment with astral projection several years ago. I am leaving a link to his forum where you can ask questions of this nature and will receive a reply that is courteous and respectful, from people who understand astral projection first hand, not based on a few articles they’ve read.
    Good luck! Nick

  4. Hey your really lucky that you do this spontaneously. Being able to astral project naturally is a gift and you should just try to perfect this by reading on this subject as much as you can. I’m 16 and I really got into astral projection when I was 14 and I practiced a lot but I never got it. Now im a sophomore in high school and im too busy to practice anymore 🙁 I will try to get into astral projection after I graduate high school but your really lucky that your projecting on accident. Good luck to you and don’t listen to people who say it is dangerous. It is an amazing experience and its not dangerous like people have claimed it to be.


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