How am I a typical high school fake poser pagan if?

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I am not even in high school, I am in college.
I have been pagan all my life, was raised pagan.
so do I still fit your description?
any who, what deities do you worship?

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who the hell am i to say your a poser i don’t know you but i worship ZEUS and i go to the church of the fonz from family guy Peter Griffin goes there too


When you say pagan, do you presumptuously mean it synonymously with eclectic neopagan?

Crybaby Atheist

Perhaps you aren’t a poser, as it is impossible to ascertain that information over the web.
The simply fact is many * are * “typical high school fake poser pagans”.
So, if you want to get snippy with someone, you should get snippy with * them *.

Butch Vlad - Heathen JPA

LOL the idiots claiming all pagans are just bored, rebellious teens don’t know what they’re talking about.
My deities are the Norse ones – in particular, Thor and Freya


Didn’t you said you had crash on Asma or whatever her name was?


I work with Lir, God of the sea.
I don’t know if I have a Goddess, as I haven’t found her..I am somewhat close to Danu as well


Unsure about the first part of the question as to the second… nothing.
Although I have a fondness for fairies, I dont really believe they exist though.
I am so cynical 🙁


You sound defensive. Try, instead, to be the change you want to see.
Actually, your question makes me wonder if you are a poseur, as people who’ve worked with other Pagans usually know that the names of the deities one has a relationship with is not something one bandies about causally, like who your favorite sports team is. Especially not in a public forum with people who’ll use the names of the gods disrespectfully.


I worship all deities. I consider all gods and goddesses to be aspects of the Mother and Father.


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