• Atomic energy.So U have all mc^2.It is maximum.That all are relatively essential too.Sort of passive.

  • It didn’t. Science and technology predate Einstein by centuries!

    However, Quantum Electro Dynamics, Einstein’s real field, has had profound impact on technology. Semi-conductors, for example, were developed using the theory, so you would not have a PC via which to ask this question without old Albert!

  • Very few applications to ordinary technology that affects our daily lives. Significant effect on science and our understanding of gravity and the nature of light, space and time. Every accelerator needs to take relativity into account in designing of their particle chambers or else the particles would not follow the right path and would kill somebody.

    Probably the most important practical application of relativity is the GPS system. The accuracy of the GPS system is based on being able to keep clocks in space synchronized with each other and with clocks on the ground to within a few nanoseconds per day. Relativity predicted the amount of the timing error so that they could be properly designed.

  • Newton’s Laws are not reliable at relativistic energies (i.e. close to the speed of light)

    The theory needed to explain this lack of reliability was special relativity

  • Einstein was not an applied scientist.

    He was a physicist for the sake of physics alone. At the time, there was no imaginable applications to these works.

    now, Special relativity is taken into account with clocks on satellites – they feel time dilation due to their speed.

    Special relativity ill also be important to know about in the future for space travel etc.

    They both need to be taken into account when doing complex astrology, like trying to calculate the age/size of the universe.

  • Very little impact on technology. A good deal of impact on the science of physics.

    (Though his special relativity equations did lead to the formulation of the equivalence of mass and energy).

    Think that it is needed for space exploration because Newtonian physics isn’t accurate enough.

  • they overwhelmmed normal peoples understanding so that they stopped asking quesitons. then scientists could get on with the real business of dating their phd students

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