How acurate is Indian Astrology?





Indian Astrology, which is also called jyotish or jyotish shastra


  1. How accurate is *any* form of astrology? You’re basically of the belief that balls of hot gases burning billions of lightyears away is going to know how to predict everyone’s future here on this one insignificant planet. The reason that most horoscopes work are because they’re universally applicable to the person reading them. Try switching to a different sign and start reading their predictions for a few weeks. It’ll probably match up just as well as your own sign did, for the very same reason — fake!

  2. Astrology in nature should only be considered as hope-givers, not accurate answers, no matter which country it originates. Even if astrology do reveal answers, it would be a more galactical in nature, not down to a personal level.

  3. It depends upon the astrologers knowledge as well as his good sense to acknowledge the forth coming intuitions in his or her mind. Generally speaking on an everage it is 50 % to 60% accurate provided astrologer is knowledged one.

  4. Fairly accurate. All Astrology is talking about “Probability”. Think Heisenberg’s uncertaintly principle. It is giving a probability of certain sets of situations happening limited only by the understanding of the person reading the horoscope. You can never be 100% accurate since you have the human will involved and a multi-dimensiional system but can give overall feel of the sittuation. It is a gauge of how favorable/unfavorable time is to individuals/companies/countries. Finally everything is in “timing” and that is what astrology addresses

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