how accurate is it? the magic 8 ball and Crystal ball Fortune?

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i was going thought the history and fortune telling and magic 8 ball. i wonder how accurate it is. is there anyone who got the correct fortune from it?

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Send me $19.99 before midnight tonight and I will send you the secrets.
If you are one of the first 100 callers we will throw in a set of ginsu knives!


Remember, essentially, a Magic 8 Ball is just a pyramid floating inside a ball. I wouldn’t rely on it, but i guess its just a bit of fun.


What are you an idiot? A magic 8 ball is a piece of plastic with shit written all over it floating in some black shit. As much as this surely smashes your hopes and dreams there no magic involved. Its based on chance like flipping a coin. A crystal ball is exactly what it is, a ball of crystal, nothing more nothing less.


Magic eight balls are a piece of junk they lie to you I asked “will I get a different teacher” and it said yes three times and I didn’t get a different teacher


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