How accurate are Tarot cards? What should one look for when trying to find a good reader?

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Secular Penguinist

As accurate as random chance.

Haterbee Killingscock


fa fas

look for a con-man who can sell you a bridge.

Ben Dover

They aren’t. It’s all BS.


About as accurate as using a roadmap for another city to try to find your way around.


that stuff is bologna.

Alias Smith & Jones

They aren’t
The door.


They are a game for amusement and in the UK must be advertised as such. “There is no sense in nonsense”


Good heavens!! They are not accurate at all. I know some people who make a living doing that off of gullible people like you. Save your money and go to a movie or something.


Reading Tarot cards is a gift much like prophesy. And it is extremely difficult to find a good reader. Have you thought of getting a Tarot deck for yourself and trying your hand at reading them? This might be a good place for you to start….((Hugs))

Marco L

Actually Tarot cards are good to some”extent” but if you are having problems,its best to seek a Medicine Man ,some call them witch Doctors ,in Mexico they call them Curandero’s the real Wican type are called “Chaman”, “Brujo”s these types of people can do most anything ,They can remove hexes ,badluck , mishaps after mishaps , MOney Love Power ,Employment , but beware that there are alot of people practice these things ,that are not the real deal,It takes lots to find the real One, because the real Ones don’t advertise , its very unbelievable but true,


I recommend that you find one via a reputable organization such as the American Tarot Association that has a comprehensive code of ethics for its members which you can read on their website.
You can also get a free professional and ethical mini-reading via the ATA website (click on Readings tab).

Rev. Lynn D.

Tarot readings are very accurate if the person doing the reading has real ability and is sincere and ethical. The cards do not do the reading. Our spirit guides use them as a vehicle to help the intuitive receive the spiritual messages.
Don’t go to readers you don’t know. Get a recommendation from a friend or contact a New Age bookstore. They almost always have readers on staff or that they can recommend.


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