Home Discussion Forum How accurate are doctor's who read peoples Aura's?

How accurate are doctor's who read peoples Aura's?

I had a Doctor read my Aura before I got accupunture and he said I was pregnant. I had my tubes tied 2 years ago but I am late on my period. How accurate do you think these kind of Doctor’s are? He was right on about everything else. Kinda freaked me out too!


  1. To ‘freak you out’ is usually their intention, or at least to freak you out of your money. Clever hoax ‘psychics’ of every kind use your reaction to certain posed questions to determine information about you. People often give up information freely and then seem surprised when it is read back to them later on.
    Modern New Age metaphysics identify the aura as electromagnetic fields. The existence of electromagnetic fields around every object in the known world is a scientifically proven fact. What is debatable is whether or not humans can see these electromagnetic fields as colors with the naked eye. This claim enters the paranormal field. The reason this happens is that very sophisticated equipment exists, far more sensitive and precise than the human eye, that is actually able to pick up energy many times less than that which is supposed to exist in auras, yet none was ever recorded.
    However, these energy fields are sometimes claimed to be documented by a rare form of photography called Kirlian photography. These claims are vigorously denied by debunkers about paranormal activity. The magician James Randi, for example, has for many years (as of 2004) offered one million US dollars to any person capable of repeatedly detecting auras, no one has yet succeeded, (though at least one has tried and failed). The test would involve the aura reader standing on one side of a room with an opaque partition separating them from a number of slots which may contain either actual people or mannequins. All that would have to be done is that the aura reader would have to consistently be able to tell which were real people and which were not.
    James Randi has an especially cool parlor trick. He would perform in front of a group of people as a ‘medium’ much like John Edward or one on one like Sylvia Brown. He would accurately read them and give them information about their deceased loved ones or their current situation. The audience would be amazed by his accuracy. Later on he would come clean and admit that he is nothing more than a magician using a technique. This technique is called ‘cold reading’. You can read more about it below:

  2. There are general readings that I have had, and they came out fairly right. But that’s just the thing…it’s a sketchy subject. If you find the right person who knows what they are talking about, then stick with them if that’s what you like. Like everything else, some people are going to be more precise than others.

  3. There aren’t doctors (MD’s) who read auras. If anything, they might be PhD’s which just means they wrote about the topic in Grad School.
    Visit your local library for books on Auras.

  4. I’d say the same exact accuracy as someone who describes the inside of the Gozarian’s space craft that he saw when he was abducted and probed multiple times.

  5. If you are worried about the pregnancy thing, get a test. If he’s wrong, then you’ve got your answer. If he’s right, then you’ve got your answer.


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