Home Discussion Forum How about this word:"perceiver" instead of psychic or medium?

How about this word:"perceiver" instead of psychic or medium?


  1. The word perceive (link below) is already in use and describes a person that becomes aware of information through the senses.
    Psychics and mediums while they may bring information to consciousness through the senses (seeing, hearing) so they can make sense of the information most theories in parapsychology suggest that the information is not acquired in this way again it is only brought to consciousness in this way.
    Also, psychic is an umbrella term covering many abilities where medium is the specific ability to communicate with surviving spirits of people (or animals) even though this term is sometimes applied to people communicating with beings (angels, demons, etc.) that have never been human or had a physical existence.
    So, I doubt one new term could replace them both.
    Psi is the term used to replace psychic in the scientific study of such phenomena because it was thought to be more neutral in that it isn’t loaded with people’s spiritual beliefs.

  2. un no- sensitive would be better- while perceiver does sum it up (to attain awareness or understanding) it just does not sit well on the palet

  3. A perceiver is someone who perceives the future. As to “assume” what will happen next based on past experiences. It’s not a psychic thing. In an assumption, a guess, or a smartass.

  4. Great. That way they can spell persiever instead of psycic when they ask questions. Everybody perceives, so it’s a vague label.


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