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Houses in Astrology: What does it mean when a house has no planets after drafting a chart?

I am working on an astrology chart for the first time, and want to know what it means when a house has no planets. Does this mean that I attribute the ruling sign of that house (ie, if the house is ruled by Cancer) to answer the questions. I have three houses with no planets, and trying to figure out what this means. Thanks!


  1. Just 3? I have a whole bunch without planets. You do look at the sign or signs ruling it to understand it. It seems like the house has a greater affect on the planet then the planet has on the house anyway.

  2. You describe the general circumstances or attitudes about the house to the sign ruling it. This goes whether occupied or not. When there are planets, these modify those attitudes or point to situations or people who will interact in this house. Look to the ruler of the cusp sign for more detail about the house.

  3. the astrology chart is divided into 12 astrology houses. each of the houses has a special significance and is governed by a particular palnet or star. the planets are positioned in different houses, considering their positions in the universe at the time of your birth. the type of their influence on your nature depends on the planetary positions.
    I know a software that tells offers free planetary patterns chart and also provides free interpretation for it.


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