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Hope and what….?

20 years receiving spiritual “guidance” and he “didn’t know’ his pastor is a monster who hate his own country, spits on the founders memory and call our patriots “mass killers”?
Is this the man who promises “hope and unity” to the american people in times of crisis?
Are you still blind or you’re just one of those that hate your country enough to help its enemies to downfall it?


  1. I think Hussein Obama is leaving out one word…AFRICAN…
    He promises “hope and unity” to the African american people in times of crisis?

  2. “just words?”
    chickens home to roost – just words?
    The USKKKofA- just words?
    rich white American men are mass murders-just words?
    g-d America-just words?
    Ya think he just misunderstood what Wright was saying????

  3. So you are judging the man for what his pastor does. Bush started a war and got many an innocent people killed and people still voted for him.

  4. some people, in order to maintain their hold on a group of others, will constantly mention their joint phobias.
    Jim Jones is one with whom we are most familiar.
    Now a student of history knows the US dropped the A bomb on Japan to save the lives of Allied Soldiers but that isn’t the fear Mr Wright promoted. He, as many ministers gone astray, used hysteria and group fear to keep people paying attention to him. Good thing he has retired.


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