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Ho do I know what Arcana to use for a tarot reading?

So i found alot of spreads but I wanted to ask how do I know what Arcana to use for the reading? Should I just look at the number of cards and if its more than 22 used, switch to the Minor Arcana? or is there some way to tell exactly what arcana to use for what reading or does it not matter at all?


  1. You’re supposed to use the entire deck, all major and all minor arcana. Shuffle the deck and select cards at random or off the top and arrange them in a spread that you want. All the ones that aren’t in a spread are not looked at in the reading, so put the rest aside. Your spread will have a mixture of major and minor arcana cards.
    If you want to use a spread that involves only the major arcana, that’s fine, but make sure it is a spread with less than 22 cards.

  2. Generally, you’re supposed to use the entire deck–both Major and Minor Arcana. However, there are some spreads that call for only one of the Arcanas. These spreads usually state which Arcana to use if only one is to be used.
    There are some references that state a person learning Tarot should start with a smaller spread (ten cards or less) and just use the Major Arcana. While I did try that for a bit–many years ago–I found that using the entire deck gave me better and much more accurate information. So, use the entire deck if you want an accurate reading.

  3. Hello Violetta
    You can use the Major alone if you wish, some new student do just this. The Minor should be used with the Major.
    Follow your own instincts, you cannot do it wrong. Join our forum , link below, lots of tarot talk there!


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