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hmm I asked my christian friend since god is consciousness, and since everything is energy?

that means those who are dead could be contacted or you can feel their spirit live on
since God is eternal?
(just thinking about this)
he then said “God is watching us from the sky, the dead are bones???


  1. what is your question exactly? He has a different perspective than you. It doesn’t mean you’re wrong just because he says that.

  2. God is a spirit. That does not mean, he really does not exist, it means he really does.A spirit being is solid. To this natural world we are not solid. They can walk through our doors without opening them.In heaven, they can’t.You also are a spirit being, living in a physical body. And when you leave that body, you are either ushered into heaven because you were reborn from death to life, or ushered into hell where you will have to be incarcerated till judgment day because yopu will still have death in your spirit. God will not allow death in His domain.

  3. Energy may change form but is never destroyed. It goes on forever. Life is energy.
    Scripture says: “Of the substance of God all things are made”. Everything, everywhere, all the time past present and future.

  4. hehe .. your christian friend is speaking ‘christian language’.
    of course, no one outside of christianity would be able to grasp what he’s saying.
    let me explain.
    there are 2 kinds of dead.
    1. christian
    2. non christian
    cat. 2, in death, are sent to hell. They are in prison. They are not allowed to communicate with those who are alive on earth. People who attempt to communicate with cat 2-dead are really communicating with satan but they don’t know this.
    also, it is a sin to communicate with the dead.


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