Hitler and Mr. Crowley?

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Earlier today, I saw an argument that Hitler was not a Christian, because he accepted the writings of Aleister Crowley. Why is this true? Plato, and Socrates were Pagan’s, and almost all Christians follow their writings.
I thought a Christian only had to accept Christ as messiah and son of God? By your logic, was Dion Fortune not a Christian, despite the fact Christ permeated her writings?
I guess I’m just trying to figure out why people seem to shrug responsibility of others in their collective.
Okay, so CJ, you avoid mathematics and medicines? Good thing I’ll never see you in a tall building. [Pythagoreas, was also a Pagan.]

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Do you really think Hitler thought that Jesus, a Jew, was the Messiah? He was about as much Christian as bin Laden

The Great Agnostic Libra Lover

this is a case of when the shoe fits wear it and when it doesn’t then toss it i don’t know if that makes sense to you or not oh well lol


Yes, you are correct for someone to be a Christian all they must do is accept that Jesus is their savior, etc..
Ah yes, and Hitler didn’t think Jesus was a Jew…he had convinced himself that Jesus was a White European and that the Jews murdered him. This all fed into his hatred of the Jewish folk. He saw himself as avenging his savior’s death.


What Christian follows Plato and Socrates???? This is absurd.
I am a Christian, and I reject both Plato and Socrates, no matter what you say.
More: Mathematical principles are one thing. Philosophical suppositions about the meaning of life are entirely another. I can accept the help of a doctor to treat an illness, without accepting his assertions about the meaning of life and where I go after I die. See the point?


There shall not be found or encountered among you one causing his son or daughter to pass over, perishing in, fire, practicing divination, false prophecy, witchcraft, soothsaying, or occult, magic, predicting the future, covert behavior, one who covers up, clouds, or obscures, an enchanter, magician, one who casts spells, fortuneteller, witch, one who communes with demonic spirits, a uniter or joiner, one who binds together, charming others into leaguing in concert and forming a religion, or one who consults with the diseased, calling upon or citing dead spirits for approval and support, a medium or necromancer, a conman who beguiles by summoning evil, a schemer who influences based upon his personal knowledge of and relationship with demonic spirits, or people who cause the premature death of others in association with the destructive worship of heathen deities, one oppresses and assassinates, seeking and requiring death based upon a fixation on pain, dead bodies, hellish tortures, and wonton destruction.”


Hitler had a lot of beliefs. Many of them occultist, many based in Christianity. His followers on the other hand were almost %100 Christian. I am a lot less interested in what Hitler believed then I am in what a majority of the region believed. They can claim brain washing as much as they want, but this regions didn’t need Hitler to convince them to kill jews for centuries prior to Hitler.


93 93/93
Hitler was not christian not because of Mr. Crowley but because a christian not only need to accept Jesus as the son of god but also follow his teachings. Mr Crowley studied the cabala or tree of life which is jewish (btw Jesus was a jew) religous practice with the belief that through knowelege one could attain conversation with thier Holy Gaurdian Angel and god. Jesus had conversations with god and it is the Gnostic belief that we also can obtain such. Jesus was a man that did Budda and Mohammand too by thier own religous beliefs. the books of the bible are from paul the only disciple not to die shortly after Jesus the books of the dead sea scrolls which contain not only the books of the bible but other books from that time both before Jesus and after are the Gnostic books and are some of the books that deal with some of what Mr. Crowley was trying to do with his own search for god.
I dont think this is the best answer nor do I think any good christian would even check out anything I stated but, then do they know where in the bible god says he created evil? where he said he wanted burnt offerings? Where he said he never asked for them? (fyi check issiah the same book that is used to confirm jesus is the son of god) Or that Genesis states that the “SONS of god saw the daughters of men….. and yet John 3:16 for god so loved the world he gave his ONLY SON…… I think that the bible may have be inspried by two gods or god forgot what he said in genesis?
Oh well i get off my soap box thanks for reading and good christians wont wish me harm for anything written herein.


Um, I think we should all agree that Hitler didn’t properly subscribe to any religion. I think this is like wondering if the devil was a Christian or else why would he bother to tempt Jesus Christ in the desert. Disengage from this argument immediately.


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