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history questions help?

1. Which of the following best reflects the path the spread of Amida Buddhism took?
A)China to India to Japan
B)India to China to Japan
C)Japan to China to India
D)India to Japan
2. Which of the following is the key to understanding Zen Buddhism?
A)Salvation through good works
B)Revealed word of God
3.A Japanese Zen Master asks, “When you can do nothing, what can you do?”
The student replies, “I do not understand.”
The master slaps him, and the student responds, “Yes, now I see.”
D)A Koan


  1. I just know that the first answer is most likely B, becuz I studied Buddhism in religious studies, but I can’t help with the others, sorry. Maybe you should google some answers.

  2. 1) B -Buddhism spread from its birthplace in India to China via the silk road, and then into Japan.
    2) C – Zen is the Japanese transliteration of the Chinese word Chan, which is the transliteration of the Sanskrit word Dhyana. All of which mean meditation.
    3) D – Koans are short cases that are often nonsensical, and that are intended to short circuit traditional reasoning in favor of direct realization of a higher, ineffable truth.


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