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Hindus, whats does it mean when…?

i’m told that i predominantely am/use the 7th (crown) Chakra…
isn’t this supposed ot have some sort of predictive ability (telling what chakra you are, like the zodiac or something)
it was a personality-type quiz, so i wouldn’t take it too seriously
i thought hinduism dealt witht eh whole chakra/enlightenment thing?
here… chakra in hinduism
Mr qa
How is the crown chakra used?
Or does anybody have any good links to such an explanation? Wiki isn’t doing it for me


  1. It means that you are extremely close to enlightenment and/or moksha (release from the cycle of life ((samsara)).)
    Where did you find this out?

  2. your quiz is using hindu religion as a metaphor in explaining your talents and abilities. hindu religion does not say a person “use crown chakra” and has no religious meaning in hinduism. hindu’s chakra system does not translate as a person’s who has psychic potential or has good predictive mental ability because his activity in the crown chakra is high. that’s more of a new age spin on old religion. hindu’s chakra is more about a model to serve meditative practices.


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