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Hindus; can Prakriti be considered the same as Kundalini Shakti and Purusha the same as Shiva?

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  1. Yes, we can!!
    Para-Shakti is the divine form of Kundalini Shakti! Prakriti and kundalini are one, the coiled serpent power! Kundalini shakti is the cosmic energy, the cosmic energy is a manifestation of the Universal Spirit (Brahman).
    Shiva is Purusha, Shiva is Consciousness. Shiva is Creator, Preserver, Destroyer. Purusha is none other than Parameshvara! Shiva the divine Purusha, enables us in samadhi states of enlightenment, to experience the Brahman as the One and the All!

  2. W/o giving detailed reasons let me clear it you ,Prakriti is not Kundalini. in its true sense Prakriti is nature and it can be used as proper noun as well as abstract noun.
    Kundalini Jagran is higher state of self, attend by continuous devotion to one’s positive side. One can change his Prakriti by attaining to higher state. These can be complimentary but not substitutes and cannot be compared.
    Purusha is Shri Hari,Vishnu, Ram, Krishna, Buddha . So when you say that what is the ideal state of Purusha then it is to recognize the presence of preserver God Vishnu in our soul. therefore Purusha is not Shiva.
    Shiva is the destroyer who hold patience to the highest levels beyond which there is no mercy and end is inevitable.

  3. D Kali, before going to place my point to you, I wish to dispel the seemingly contrasting versions about Purusha given in the above two answers by Zuko and Tazz.
    Purusha is the Brahman who is the essence of all divine forms. The Narayana suktha explains Paramathma / Purusha / Brahman as (in the context of explaining the flame of Athma), ‘sa Brahma sa Shiva sa Harir sEndraha..’ So you may not be wrong if you call Him as Param Shiva or Sree Hari.
    As for associating Prakriti with Kundalini shakthi, the duo are not same in form or in function, though in essence or subtle aspect, they are same. For prakriti or created cosmic forms are Amsa of Shakthi only, deriving power or energy for existence from Shakthi – not Shakthi it / Herself.
    Just as I am not the same as my image in the mirror, even though it may appear to move and look like me. Prakriti is image of Divine with added quality (over the mirror image) of a specific function. That’s all.

  4. Well, It depends on the vision in which you see the Maya.
    If Maya is an illusive power for you that can drive you away from you real aim i.e. Shiva, you can’t see Prakriti or Maya in Kula Kundalini. But if Maya is a brightening power of Vishnu that brings you in the light from the darkness of ignorance, Yes, you can. Because this is the same Kula Kundalini does with us after arisin’ it.
    BtW, don’t forget to love Krishna meanwhile…… 🙂

  5. Yes, kundalini shakti is the same as what in purana version of samkhya, is called prakriti. Prakriti is the procreative aspect of the Godhead, Brahman, Purusha is the pure subjective awarness of the creative potency’s manifestations. What patanjali calls the drishimatra, the perceiver only. Shakti and shaktiman (the ability and the able) are ultimitly non-different. Citi-shakti is the ability of consciousness. When there is an object of consciousness, then consciousness appears to take its form, and this is chitta(conciousness of). With out an object, the ability of consciousness is unapparent, like hearing without any sound. Sattva is the shadow off citi, pure I-Am onl, the most subtle object. Subject and object are interdependent. Brahman the absolute is beyond subject and object. Shakti brings forth both aspects. Kundalini shakti is called Hladini shakti (pleasure potency) by the vaisnavs. It is creating everything for the lilas of the Godhead.


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