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(Hinduism & Buddhism) Can the head chakra be accessed before the lower ones?

I can willfully flip to a form of consciousness beyond mind. The nearest explanation I can think of is that some chakra has opened within me, but don’t know how the experience is explained by the dharmic schools. It’s not enlightenment because wisdom hasn’t fully awakened, it’s more a realisation of the depth of consciousness through direct experience.


  1. A buddhist viewpoint would be that all charkras exist irrespective of each other.
    Buddhists also believe that object, spirit, time and position can coexist in quantam.
    With this buddhist logic, any chakra is there to be accessed, at any time, from any place, and in any state.
    That would be a yes.

  2. In traditional Buddhist teaching, there is no consciousness “beyond mind.”
    In the Pali Canon (for example, in the Satipatthana Sutta), Buddha frequently refers to mind as the object of mindfulness. (What would “mindfulness” be without mind?). And, when liberation occurs, it is the mind that knows it is liberated (Mahasaccaka Sutta).
    And many texts in the Mahayana Canon say that, “Buddha is mind.” The great Zen teacher Mazu expanded on this by saying, “Ordinary mind is the Way.”
    Given your description, it’s most likely that your practice has revealed some deeper aspect of mind – perhaps the subtle plays of impulse and intention that underly much of behavior. (I’m not sure that you need to invoke the theory of chakras to explain your experience.)
    There are meditation techniques that can produce rather altered states of consciousness, far different than ordinary mind. The Buddha’s first six years were spent fruitlessly engaged in such techniques.
    For this reason, it’s important to train under a qualified teacher, especially if you’re experiencing unusual states of mind. You may be headed in the right direction, but it’s also possible that you’re on a side track.
    Best wishes in your practice!
    Note on chakras: In my experience, most Buddhist teachers, with the exception of Vajrayana teachers, don’t work with chakras (except as metaphors). In my limited exposure to chakra work, no teacher has suggested that chakras are hierarchical – that there is an order to accessing them. So “Eaten Any Good Books Lately’s” answer seems correct – all chakras are freely available at any time.

  3. Yep, it’s not enlightenment.
    Even all your chakra opens, doesn’t mean you are enlightened, only mean you’re not jammed.
    Yes. Head chakra can be access before lower ones. From bottom to top is to make the central tunnel open.
    In my school of vajrayana, we are doing visualisation involving mainly upper chakras in outer tantras.
    Some version of practice spins all the chakra at the same time.

  4. You are evolving, and it sounds like recently, you are doing so in a dramatic way… good for you! Enlightenment is a process… when is wisdom “fully awakened?” We never stop learning… we never stop growing….
    FYI – the chakras access different aspects in us, it’s not so much a linear process of accessing one before the other. Depending on whether they are open, closed, active, overactive, etc. (they have many states) we access these on a daily basis and process information and emotions using these “openings.” 😀

  5. The ‘head chakra’ is called Sahasrara. It is not usually accessible to anyone unless they have their Kundalini awakened by an enlightened master. This is because it is Kundalini which takes the attention beyond the mind by allowing the left and right sides of Agnya Chakra (the forehead) to subside and allow the attention to pass into sahahsrara.
    This however cannot be achieved through any mental or physical efforts. These pertain to the right side and the kundalini does not respond to them. Moreover the mental efforts involved in visualization, manipulation of the attention, repetition of mantras actually require the Agnya chakra to close (which is the result of effort) and prevents the attention from reaching Sahasrara.
    The only way I have found in which the Sahasrara can be accessed is through Sahaja Yoga meditation techniques as taught by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. It seems to be the only technique where direct knowledge comes to the practitioner, ie. they are not reliant on following the theory and teachings of another person.

  6. No its not possible and if you are trying to raise you Kundalini, please do not do it without the guidance of an experienced Master, it could be dangerous.

  7. No. Never do this. Please don’t go for it. Simply have faith on a spiritual Guru who shows you the path to God. Otherwise it could be taking the risk of climbing up the mountain without any safety measures.
    If you want to buy or learn about gold you must approach a gold smith instead of a potter.


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