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Higher State of Consciousness?

Do you think it is possible for someone to achieve a “higher state” of consciousness? What do you think this means? If you believe that there is such a thing, how would a person manifest its achievement?
For my college Psychology class.


  1. Manifesting its achievement is something you would think of from a very low state of consciousnesss. A higher state of consciousnes is being more aware of all that is around and within you. It’s not an achievement to show off to others.
    You are the experiencer, not an object to be praised or insulted. Knowing that is the first step in the direction of becoming aware.

  2. Yes, I have achieved a higher state of consciousness many times in meditation. It is a feeling of peace and well-being. The more I meditate the easier it is to reach that place. Its a feeling of centeredness and of being at one with all things. Very worth taking the time to meditate.

  3. The peculiar thing about an elevated Apapsyche [my replacement term for “consciousness”] is that such “elevated” or “higher state” exists within a vibrational realm that exists simultaneously with the physical realm within the same space, but the higher realm is not capable of being perceived by the Brain or physical senses.
    Confused? Each human being consists of three simultaneously existing, and yet separate realms of vibrational energy. From outside inward, these are: the physical body, brain and physical senses; the MIND realm consisting of a higher and lower MIND; and the Spiritual realm including the Soul and the Apapsyche [Operational Energy of the Soul].
    Three realms, only one of which is physical and perceivable via ones brain. Why have philosophers been unable to discover the Truth, as in absolute Truth? Because it exists within the Spiritual realm only. You cannot get there via thinking about it, in other words.
    The Esoteric realms within us [the MIND and Spiritual realms] exist but at vibrational realities that our brains cannot perceive. Therefore, when one intuits a higher bit of Knowledge, that Knowledge did not come into ones brain, ones Attn Aspect of Apapsyche went into either the MIND or Spiritual realm to access that bit of Knowledge.
    Alas, as soon as the Attn Aspect of Apapsyche shifts back into ones brain, the vibrational reality of the realm one just tapped is left in that realm. One cannot bring into the physical realm that which exists on a “higher” plane of reality, in other words.
    The essential reason for meditation is to elevate the Attn Aspect of ones Apapsyche so as to gain a higher level of reality, or a greater Knowledge. The Knowledge gained is certainly now part of ones awareness…. but, one cannot convey that awareness to anyone else who has not, him/herself, accessed the same Esoteric level of Knowledge from within him/herself.
    Follow me here? What I know, as a consequence of some thirty plus years of meditation, is mine to know… and yours to achieve by the same means. That which exists within the MIND can only be known if one is able to raise his/her Attn Aspect of Apapsyche into the MIND realm. This should be… emphasis “should be” part of the basic training and experiential understanding of the mental health professional. The “psyche” prefix of Psych-ology refers to self [meaning consciousness], soul, and mind]. The ancient Greeks purposely used the prefix “psyche” to intentionally suggest that Psychology was to be a study of the Esoteric realms within Man.
    It was good old Skinner and a group of behavioral scientists [all of whom were quite ignorant of the Esoteric realms within themselves] that introduced “behaviorism” in the early 1900’s, that suggested that Man could be studied without concern for the Esoteric realms…. primarily because they were ignorant regarding the Esoteric realms within themselves [due to fear] but they wanted to be called “psychologists”.
    For over a century now, the West has aggressively been in denial of the Esoteric realms within ourselves. We intentionally deny and ignore “higher consciousness”, in other words. The result has been…. well, look at the news.

  4. Yes, one can achieve a higher state of consciousness. It is the awareness of understanding, believing and knowing that you are one with LIFE. Through realization that you are a part of the entire ecosytem so you don’t want to destroy or hurt anything that supports your well being. And everything supports your well-being. Understand that to extinct these wonderful bugs that put holes in your vegetables throws off balance at an excelerated rate the other wonderful bugs (that we don’t like) that dine on the extinct ones. To recognize colors as brilliantly beautiful and vivid than ordinary, to feel a sense of extreme contentment not matter what, to be able to be nonjudgmental because you know all things were put here on this Earth for whatever purpose with LOVE unconditionally.
    I would begin to achieve this state of being by knowing who you really are on a spiritually level since all things come from the spiritual (within) and manifest into the physical (without). This is what most people are doing when someone says they need to find themselves. Society is an illusion trying to emit itself as reality. THE MATRIX (crabs inside the box). Knowing how you really are is the beginning to understanding the true meaning of LIFE. All answers are given after each question. You must be willing to accept them when they come and able to recognize each form your answers come to you as (ie., through music, from the radio or TV or reading something, in dreams, etc.). Trust your heart that you have received the answer(s). It is the unknown that is what we cannot see to understand so therefore it is mystifying, however, once you realize something you will think AHA! Not so mystifying after all. Just because you can’t see it does not mean there’s nothing there. It’s just that you don’t recognize it for what it is or understand what and why it IS there in whatever form it’s in.
    Having a higher state of consciousness enables one to recognize all the ignorances and ills of the mind in the world to include race, religion, class, gender, education. Remember, it’s about being ONE with this thing called LIFE. And realizing we’re all linked together (humans, trees, mountains, water, etc.)
    It’s much huger than this but thought I could give you a stepping stone.


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