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Higher level of conciousness?

How do you know when you have reached a higher level of consciousness, is it personal happiness?…… when your free of doubt or worry about a particular situation?.. when you;re very intuitive?…
When you dream ?…
Someone explain please and also .. how can you reach it?…. besides mediating …. through dreams as well?


  1. I feel truely happy when im all alone with my girlfriend and that there isn’t a worrie in the world and my mind just roams free amongst the world. I feel that you can’t aim to reach it you just reach it. I Love Cindy <3

  2. you will know when you reach it. you reach different levels of it the more you look behind whats really going on. dreams take more to figure out. they really can be from anywhere.

  3. It is not a higer level of consciousness you are looking for, but the power of the sub conscious part of you. That is where all emotions and feelings lie, and that is where you find your true self. How do you reach it? Very easily..but it is an art that is mastered, some are born with it, some have a little, some have none..if you desire to really know more about it..get this book: The power of the sbconscious mind, author is Joseph Murphy..I have been recommending this book often these days..with a tremendous feedback of Wow-That book blew my mind, and my life has never been clearer..or better…hope you like it!

  4. Higher Consciousness?
    We all seem to long for it. Scientifically, it starts in a state called Alpha State, which can be measured by brain waves (around 8 Hz).
    How does it feel when we enter Alpha?
    We feel peace and more clarity of thought. This also results in contentment, thankfulness and happiness.
    How do we get there?
    Drugs with damaging side effects are not a good idea. Besides of meditation, we can listen to mantras, classical music like Mozart, being in pure nature and inhaling the fresh air, or just by peaceful thoughts. A bio-feedback device can quickly train us how to get into Alpha in a twinkle of an eye.
    There are classes teaching how to get into Alpha, naturally.
    Great question! Peace to you!


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