hi… who out of u believe in telepathy? pls give an experience to support ur answer….?





thanks for answering… 🙂


  1. i do. many times i “converse” with others (usually people who are close to me) telephatically. one example… there was a time when i formulated a question in my mind, and my partner in life answered it without me uttering the question verbally.

  2. I’m thinking my answer to you right now. Did you get it? (no need to reply by email – just think your answer back to me and I’ll know).

  3. I believe in telepathy!! I’ve had many times picked up on other peoples’ thoughts and vice versa. I think that all of us have the ability to do it. Some just have to accept it or be open to it. One of my many experiences with it was my soulmate and I communicate like that.

  4. I do. It has happened in a brainstorming session when I and a colleague of mine hit at the same idea with almost the same words. It was proved because we submitted it in writing without having a chance of knowing what the other person wrote. This is not a case of attempted telepathy. But it is a sort of coincidence that happened a couple of times.
    Another instance is when my friend started a topic running in my mind at that moment.He could have had no idea as it was totally irrelevant at that situation. But somehow my friend got it right.
    Ancient Indian myth has it that “Vatsayanar wrote kamasutra by reading the mind of couple having sex. Vatsayanar being a priest has never had sex.

  5. I do spiritual healing with singing bowls. I play the bowl in someone’s hand, and feel the vibrations as they extend through the person, and can tell them where the vibrations are and what they’re doing.
    I used to work with a Reiki master who could tell people many details about their lives while we were doing our energy work. Very specific things
    One time on a camping trip, we created a psychic link which allowed us to keep tabs on each other without needing those family band radios.
    One time, while engaging in on-line activities, a witch and I played a game of “where am I touching you” and we were able to correctly identify where and how the other person was touching from thousands of miles apart over IM
    For a while, a friend and I maintained a karmic connection, and sometimes I would smell something, and call her up, and it was exactly what she was smelling.
    “Did you just make cookies?”
    “Was the dog just breathing in your face?”
    “Did you just disinfect something?”

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