Hi, im new to yugioh and i a ritual deck seemed interesting so can someone please make me a ritual deck?

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Hi, im new to yugioh and i saw a ritual deck seemed interesting so can someone please make me a ritual deck? Im also on a budget too, so no monsters and magic/trap that are to costly please and thank you.

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advanced art of ritual , demise king


black ritual magic spell and the monster that it summons


Dark Magician of Black Chaos
Advanced Ritual Art
get a zombie wolrd structure deck, they do alot better than ritual decks


Best/Strongest RItual monsters:
Reshef the Dark. Being Great effect.
Shinato King of a Higher Plane. Highest ATK RItual and it’s effect is pretty good.
Relinquished. My favorite ritual
Dark Master Zorc. Great effect.
Ritual Raven
Manju of the ten thousand Hands
Advance Ritual Art


gud ritual cards are:
demise king of armegedon(gud effect)
dark master zork(gud effect)
relinquished(beast effect)
divine grace northwemko(gud effect)
masked beast(3200 ATK no effect)
gud monsters to use are the djinns
gud support magic are:
ritual cage
gud traps:
ritual buster


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