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Answer by Geezah
I’ve been in some inter-faith relationships that worked well, and others that were a nightmare. So it depends.

Here are some things I’d think about though. How often do the two of you talk about religion? Do you ever get into big religious arguments? Do either of you honestly think that the other one is in some kind of danger because of those different beliefs? Do you plan on possibly having children some day, and if so, do you have ideas on what you’d want as far as baptism or religious teaching goes?

Also keep in mind that you’re not only marrying this other person. You’re marrying into a family. Not that you should be doing things for your relative’s approval, but beware of future tension between the 2 families.


  • I am a Roman Catholic whose best friend is a neopagan. Religion is not the only aspect of the human being; if you both love each other and have more things in common besides religion, of course it can work

  • It will work as long as you are willing to except and find the beauty in each others Faith.
    Think with you hearts.

  • Without wanting to get to involved in the emotional side of this I’d simply ask yourself how much your faith means to you and then find out how much it means to the person you’re in love with.

    The answer is simple…can this person be trusted with your soul?
    Have they proved faithful with their own?

  • Should be OK, so long as you don’t let him catch you setting up a stake and collecting firewood, or boiling-up a vat of oil.

  • I’m Roman Catholic and was married to a Baptist/bible beater.
    It got to the point where we could not have a civil conversation about our beliefs. He actually threw a Bible at my back one day!! Another day he told me I wasn’t Christian.
    We are getting divorced because he threw me to the ground and jacked my arm up. He later told me that I needed to find God. Go figure
    Moral of the story check out who you are marring because if their religion dominates them you have a problem.

  • Yes, I know, as, I, and only I have absolute knowledge of all future events of no consequence to me, and yes, it will work.

  • As long as you don’t force your religion on him, and vice versa. And if you decide to have children, don’t force either view upon them; else, your relationship will sink.

  • It depends on the two of you.
    Are you tolerant of each other’s beliefs or are either of you trying to convert the other? Do you argue often about religion? Have you decided what you will do about children and family church attendance?
    It can work. I know an atheist and a Christian who are married and quite happy. They discuss religion but don’t get offended or angry at one another about their differences. If you can do that, you should be fine.

  • humm it could work, it depends on how devout you are. if youa re a very devout catholic it wont work because if you love the neopagan you will want them to go to hevan with you, also there will be fights over the children as a devout catholic you have promised to raise any offspring as catholic. now if you arnt all that devout and are just a C/E goer it might work, cause you wont feel the need to convert your feance or bring the children up catholic. good luck what ever happens

  • I’ve seen things that worked that wasn’t suppose to work, the only thing is that the lord said be like minded.

  • Can I ask do you want to continue your R.C. Religion like will you still go, will you raise your children R.C. and have them take an interest in your religion.

    OR will you raise them both ways with utter confusion, and questioning?

    Does your fiancee have a say in all this? How does he wish to raise the children, and does he wish to keep his religion?

    Ask yourselves theses Qs.

  • If you’re committed to each other despite your differences in belief I see no reason why it shouldn’t work.

  • you will probably find you have more in common than you realised , if you take time to respect and listen to each other
    many many happy years together xxx

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